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Thanksgiving Weekend Meditation

Happy Thanksgiving, Spiritual Warrior!!! All of us at davidji inc. wish you, your family and your friends a glorious Thanksgiving weekend. I’m spending this weekend (and the entire next week) in the Mexican Riviera with 45 Spiritual Warriors for my 8-day Awakening Your Sacred Powers retreat, so I’ve pulled from the archives this weekend’s meditation … Continue reading Thanksgiving Weekend Meditation

Healing Power of Touch Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior! Our skin is the largest organ in our body. In fact, the average human is covered in 18 square feet of flesh!! And because of that, the nourishing power of touch can have a profound healing impact on every cell that rests only millimeters beneath the surface. Whether you receive a … Continue reading Healing Power of Touch Weekend Meditation

divine love

Flowing Divine Love Weekend Meditation

May the wisdom and compassion of all beings increase, now and in the future. May we clearly see all the barriers we erect between ourselves and others to be as insubstantial as our dreams. May we appreciate the great perfection of all phenomena. May we continue to open our hearts and minds, in order to … Continue reading Flowing Divine Love Weekend Meditation

Awaken Your Best Version Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior!!! Welcome to this week’s guided meditation. Each day, we SELF-domesticated ourselves as we created agreements in our mind of who we should and shouldn’t be, and what we should and shouldn’t do. And at a certain point that became engrained into every muscle in our body – every fiber of our … Continue reading Awaken Your Best Version Weekend Meditation

Mastering Uncertainty Weekend Meditation

Mantra: Om Moksha Ritam Happy weekend Spiritual Warrior!!! Let’s allow clarity to unfold this weekend by settling uncertainty about something in your life that is creating anxiety, pain, or emotional turbulence.  We can start this process by identifying a starting point and an end point of the issue, which allows us to begin to grasp … Continue reading Mastering Uncertainty Weekend Meditation

Getting Unstuck in Your Life Weekend Meditation

Photo Credit: motiqua via Compfight cc Mantra: Om ah hum Sometimes we feel as if we’ll always be trapped. As if the place we find ourselves in feels like quicksand. But really, this feeling of being stuck is merely a pause… a rest… before we launch into our dreams, into where we want to be!! Download … Continue reading Getting Unstuck in Your Life Weekend Meditation

The davidji Meditation Experience New Album

Announcing my newest album “The davidji Guided Meditation Experience” now available only on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and more! Tracks include 10 of my most popular guided meditations of all time: Attention & Intention 18:09 Trust & Move Beyond Fear 15:16 5 Secrets of the SweetSpot 14:21 Letting Go 22:14 Root Chakra (Muladhara) 17:56 … Continue reading The davidji Meditation Experience New Album

stepping into uncertainty

Stepping into Uncertainty Weekend Meditation

“Il n’est pas certain que tout soit incertain. (Translation: It is not certain that everything is uncertain.)” ―Blaise Pascal Certainty is overrated since there isn’t certainty in anything in life. We try to convince ourselves of certainty by trying to assert control. But, if we can become better friends with the concept of uncertainty, we can move … Continue reading Stepping into Uncertainty Weekend Meditation

Letting Go of a Dream – Weekend Meditation

In dreams we defy the laws of nature – we can do anything and everything without consequences. But what about the dreams you’ve held on to throughout your life? Are you holding onto a dream that is no longer nurturing? If your vision has derailed and what you once thought you’d have, hasn’t materialized, then it’s time to … Continue reading Letting Go of a Dream – Weekend Meditation

Awaken Your Spirit Guide Weekend Meditation

Sometimes we all need a little help, a little companionship, to take our life from where we are to where we want to be. It can get lonely with all the distractions and challenges of life. But you’re not alone! Summon one passenger to ride with you — summon your spirit guide, your support system, someone you can call on … Continue reading Awaken Your Spirit Guide Weekend Meditation

unplug los angeles

Teaching at Unplug Meditation in Los Angeles!

Excited to announce that I’ll be leading meditation once a month at Unplug Meditation in Los Angeles! You can learn more about Unplug here, and check out the schedule here. unplug meditation is a guided-meditation studio that offers 30- and 45-minute drop-in classes in a clean, modern and calming atmosphere. Our inspirational guides will effortlessly move … Continue reading Teaching at Unplug Meditation in Los Angeles!

Present Moment Meditation Video

Welcome Spiritual Warriors! I was in Amsterdam for several days, and created this present moment meditation video. For the next 23 weeks, leading up to the release of de•stressifying: The Real-World Guide to Personal Empowerment, Lasting Fulfillment, and Peace of Mind we will journey into the depths of your soul connecting to the present moment and taking our … Continue reading Present Moment Meditation Video

Gifts of Transformation

New Year, New You! Purchase a Holiday Exclusive Package and receive a “Setting Your Course Guided Meditation Package” as a value add-on. The perfect way to transition into 2015! VIEW THE HOLIDAY EXCLUSIVE PACKAGES HERE! Please join Tulku in the Art of Transformation. Honor your loved one’s journey with amulets that support their dreams. Now … Continue reading Gifts of Transformation

Ayurveda & You

“Transform the world, by transforming yourself.” – davidji Hello Spiritual Warriors!!! And welcome to another opportunity to explore & share the magnificence of timeless wisdom together. This week, we immerse into one of the oldest healing systems on the planet – Ayurveda – pronounced eye – yur – vey-dah. Ayurveda, literally the “wisdom of life,” … Continue reading Ayurveda & You

Touch Breath

  “Touch has a memory.” ― John Keats We’ve spent a wild week awakening our inner healer through the power of nurturing touch. And if you’re feeling some elevation in your life from the hugs, caresses, massages, and heart touches…then keep it going because you are chemically raising your immune system, nourishing your cells, and releasing … Continue reading Touch Breath

Do & Be Your Best Guided Meditation

“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson BEing your Best in Each Moment When we are present, we show up with greater willingness to listen…to actually hear the whispers of the universe, the subtleties of each moment, the nuances of the world around us. When … Continue reading Do & Be Your Best Guided Meditation