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Soul Healing: Connecting to Your Innate Wholeness

Hello Spiritual Warriors!! And welcome to another issue of The Source – your weekly connection to the abundance of the universe. This week we explore the concept of soul healing and some core steps to begin the process right now.

Soul healing is when you allow the universe’s innocent, natural process to gracefully unfold within you. We can define in it in every context as connecting to your innate wholeness – your most genuine self, which is the part of you that rests beneath your clothes, beneath your flesh, beneath your body, and even beneath your mind. That part of you is divine… pure… perfect… It is unblemished… knows no fear, or sadness, or grief… is beyond your regrets, grievances, and second-guessing. It transcends guilt, shame, sorrow, and anxiety.

This is who you truly are. It is all the characteristics of the best version of yourself. And here are a few steps to connect to it:

  • Quiet down: Slow down – connect to your stillness and silence through a daily meditation practice and throughout the day through such techniques as 16seconds.
  • Forgive: Forgive yourself, forgive God, forgive the world, forgive those around you – especially your petty tyrants. When we forgive, we free ourselves from the ties that bind us to the one that hurt us. That forgiveness starts with you forgiving yourself.
  • Realize where you are: Drink in this sacred, precious present moment. Remember this verse from the Bhagavad GitaYogastha kuru karmani – establish yourself in the present moment and then perform action… don’t keep looking for the divine reason or meaning behind your situation – breathe and surrender. Once you own where you are right now… you can better move forward with grace and ease.
  • Establish a daily gratitude practice: Make a list each day of the 10 things you are most grateful for. When you find yourself feeling less-than… take out your list and bring yourself back to reality. Look around at ALL the silver linings that surround each moment and see the single special gift that sits before you RIGHT NOW.
  • Give yourself permission: To become whole – to slowly heal – to awaken your most divine self. Redefine yourself… beyond your circumstance… beyond your diagnosis… beyond your blame. And step into your power!!

If you can follow these 5 steps to Soul Healing, very quickly you will begin to feel the results. Doors will open. New loving light will expand in your heart. And gently your darkness will dissipate as your life unfolds with greater grace and greater ease.

Forward this blog to any one you know who could benefit from their own soul healing. Join me this week on Hay House Radio and if you want to spend some time in the SweetSpot with me, explore some of my upcoming events.

In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap! Peace. -davidji

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