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Is It a Snake or a Rope?!? (Finding Clarity in the Moment)

Hello, spiritual warriors! Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source.

Did you like the story of the snake and the rope? Pretty funny, right? The man already reacted to what he believed was real and his conditioned response toward drama was incorrect.

What’s done is carved in stone – but we can always take action in the now to alter, shift, change, or transform the direction things are headed. And so that we can make better choices going forward, we often have few moments of potential clarity right before we make a decision to ask ourselves a few questions:

  • First ask, “What need is being fulfilled by me taking this step?”
  • Then ask, “What need WILL NOT be fulfilled by me taking this step?”
  • Then ask, “Even though I am going to move ahead, what compromise am I making right now?”
  • Then ask, “What am I not seeing in this moment?”

If we choose to be even more patient with our choice-making process, we can take it one step further. We can close our eyes and place our hand on our heart… get really quiet (by gently following our breath) and ask the timeless question “Will this choice that I am about to make fulfill my needs and others being affected by this choice?”

Coming from a place of stillness, your heart will signal pain or pleasure… comfort or discomfort. We will see the fractals in our life, choose more wisely, more nourishingly, and see the bigger picture. We will be happier with our choices, make more conscious decisions, and have fewer surprises of our own making. We will definitely have less struggle and less stress. This will allow our lives to flow with greater grace and greater ease.

We know what we need. We even have several daily tools to meet our needs more effectively. But this is simply the first mastery of destressifying. If we can drill more deeply into the way we respond to the world around us, we will transform in an evolutionary way. This starts with an awareness of that world; and as we expand our awareness from the inside out, we will begin to gain greater clarity and cultivate the next step in destressifying – mastering our emotional awareness.

Keep meditating and I’ll see you in the gap. Peace. -davidji

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