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Shifting into Your Next Gear Guided Meditation

It’s a new week, spiritual warriors!!! Let’s use it to our advantage to truly put our attention on what we’re feeling… physically, emotionally, mentally… recognize it, name it, draw attention to it, then gently let it go.

Happy meditating! Peace. -davidji

6 thoughts on “Shifting into Your Next Gear Guided Meditation”

  1. Gratitude and love flow out of me when you guide me through my meditations 🧘‍♂️ 🙏 Meta light and loving kindness….

  2. Here I am again offering my heartfelt gratitude for your guided meditation. Thank you Davidji Namaste

  3. WOW! I am cleansed and enriched by this meditation experience. Davidji you are a meditation instructor , yes! But you are a therapist as well. You lead us to use our own breathing to infuse ourselves with positive energy while releasing negativity. Rumi’s poem tells us to be hopeful as we emotionally shift to a brighter level. As I move through my day I will remind myself that I am supported by the Universe!

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