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Setting Your Course for the New Year Guided Meditation

What I seek I already am.

Let’s believe it. Let’s live it. Let’s own it.

The answer to every question you could ever ask rests within. You simply need to quiet yourself down enough to you can hear the whispers of your heart. And that can sometimes be tricky considering that we live in a wild, ever-changing world and show up to most challenges with conditioned responses.

The first step in setting your course is to connect to the stillness & silence that rests within by connecting to the present moment.


3 thoughts on “Setting Your Course for the New Year Guided Meditation”

  1. I am completely in love with your meditations😍Every day I start my day at a with a new one doing the 40 day transformation course.
    But i just did this one late afternoon and that’ll be a new routine.
    This is a lush, fantastic meditation!!! Truly wonderful!
    Aham Brahmasmi and Namaste 🙏😘

  2. We clean out closets but not our brains. This is permission, even encouragement, to do just that. Complacency gives way to discovery.
    Thank you.

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