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Welcome to “Secrets of Meditation”

Secrets of Meditation
A Practical Guide to Inner Peace and Personal Transformation

This is Your ANTIDOTE to STRESS! Secrets of Meditation is designed to demystify the ancient practice of meditation – it’s not as scary as you think! – and help you FINALLY lock down a daily meditation practice so you can connect to the stillness and silence that rests within, get control of your stress and find your best version of yourself.

Are you feeling stressed out at work?
Struggling in a relationship?
Are the pressures of life, money, family overwhelming you?
Are you experiencing anxiety about your health, your choices, your future?

Secrets of Meditation walks you through many different types of meditation – following your breath, mindfulness, bio-feedback, soundwave, chakra, chanting, mantra, tantra, even chocolate tasting meditations!!! Select the technique that vibes best with your life, and take it deeper.

PRAISE FOR “Secrets of Meditation”

“davidji’s inspiring stories of awakening gently guide the reader through the mystical world of meditation, making it practical and accessible to all who desire more present-moment awareness in their lives.” Deepak Chopra, New York Times best-selling author of Spiritual Solutions

“davidji is a midwife of souls.” Jean Houston, Ph.D., best-selling author of A Passion for the Possible

“davidji’s powerful teachings in Secrets of Meditation help open the heart of the beautiful dreamer resting deep within each of us.” don Miguel Ruiz, New York Times best-selling author of The Four Agreements

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It is my hope that you meditate. It is my belief that we will change the world through meditation. It is my understanding that connecting to the stillness and silence within allows each of us to live life with expanded awareness, deeper compassion, and greater fulfillment. It is my experience that time spent in stillness and silence can open your heart to the true depth of your universal essence. Accessing this depth of pure, unbounded consciousness on a regular basis has allowed me to see and feel the world with an ever-expanding openness, deeper empathy, greater clarity, and a heightened connection to source. At this point in my life, I think this is a good thing.

Aham brahmasmi is a Sanskrit expression meaning “I am the universe.” When we can genuinely feel we are not in or of this world but rather the whole world is within us, we slowly begin to integrate that mind-set into our words, our thoughts, and our deeds. Once this is truly how you feel (and daily meditation will awaken that understanding), you will effortlessly tap into the limitless supply of what the universe has to offer you—a wellspring of effortless abundance, an unfolding of deeper fulfillment, and a sweeter, more loving world that you can walk through with greater grace and ease.

No different from when you are in a dream state, every experience you have in your waking state is self-derived, self-created, self-influenced, and self-motivated. This is not to say things outside of you don’t happen; rather, it’s how you respond to the unexpected or the uncertain—what you do with new information and old rituals—that becomes the fabric of your life. And we all respond to everything: a kiss on our lips, the wind on our cheek, a diagnosis, a text, a cough, a comment, a sigh, a desire, a memory, a caress, the ringing of a phone, the honking of a horn, the wink of an eye, a fleeting thought, footsteps in the distance, the sun on our neck, the tone of an e-mail, the color of someone’s hair, and even the reading of this sentence. Yet there is no such thing as an external force that can make us feel a certain emotion or respond in a certain way. Our moods, feelings, and emotions are multidimensional interpretations based on our conditioning. Most of it is probably imprinted into our subconsciousness before we reached our teens. The remainder is embedded over the past few decades as we drank life in and reinforced those early interpretations, weaving them into the fabric of our being. Our response to each moment is a blend of that conditioning, our DNA, our current circumstances, our emotional intelligence, and our state of mind in that instant.

Meditating every day has taught me we are all the masters of each moment. And effortlessly weaving this practice into every fiber of my being has given me tools and techniques for living life with less stress and anxiety, greater clarity and focus, expanded compassion and empathy, deeper love and more frequent joy, and a viewpoint that is more receptive to other perspectives, which offers me increased possibilities. I believe that anyone who is willing to embrace meditation can access these tools as well. Feel free to consider this book your meditation tool kit.

I thank you for taking the time to read this book, which came from my heart. I encourage you to try meditating and begin a meditation practice using the guidance contained in these pages. I hope you’ll let me help you find what you are looking for. I would consider it a privilege.


Chapter 1: Searching for the Guru
Chapter 2: What Is Meditation, and Why Should I Care?
Chapter 3: The Benefits of Meditation

Chapter 4: Secrets of Bodymind Meditation
Chapter 5: Secrets of Visual Meditation
Chapter 6: Secrets of Sound Meditation
Chapter 7: Secrets of Energy Meditation
Chapter 8: Secrets of Sensory Meditation
Chapter 9: Secrets of Buddhist Meditation
Chapter 10: Secrets of Mantra Meditation
Chapter 11: Secrets of Chanting Meditation

Chapter 12: Experiences in Meditation
Chapter 13: The Five Myths of Meditation
Chapter 14: Cultivating a Daily Meditation Practice
Chapter 15: Frequently Asked Questions

In this timeless meditation classic, you will learn:

  • to relieve stress in any moment
  • to be the calm amidst the chaos
  • an effortless daily meditation ritual
  • how to connect with your still point to center yourself
  • how to use meditation as a tool for manifesting
  • techniques to instantly shift the energy of a situation
  • how to cultivate a spiritual practice
  • the 5 myths of meditation, and
  • tips, tools, and techniques for living a life of greater ease, purpose, & peace of mind

I am grateful that you have chosen to explore this powerful tool for transforming your life. You will be pleased with your decision. Now that we are connected, please send me an email at with any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share.

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