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Sacred Power of Presence Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior!!!

We often view the present moment as a potential interruption between what we were doing and what we could be doing. We use phrases like “carve out time,” “make time,” and “squeeze it in,” as if time was this separate entity that was always imposing itself on us.

We postpone the occasion to be fully present with those near and dear to us. We multitask our love, fragmenting our affection over several people and things simultaneously. We often hold back an innocent expression of kindness for fear of it being misinterpreted. We keep our distance because we don’t know what to do with that empty space where connection flows.

And yet we are all just stumbling in the darkness of loneliness begging for someone to light a match. We’ve grown so accustomed to seeing ourselves as individual beings that we often rationalize our isolation as being normal.

The Divine Principle of One encourages us to weave the present moment into every aspect of our being and because we are creatures of connection, we can begin to effortlessly transform the world around us with our own presence.

Mantra: Yogastha kuru karmani

4 thoughts on “Sacred Power of Presence Weekend Meditation”

  1. davidji,
    I have experienced the immense pleasure of listening to your guided meditations for years, but haven’t “taken the time” to comment until now. But, this must be shared. This morning I just completed reading the Divine Principle of One and the Sacred Power of Presence sections in your Sacred Powers book. I came downstairs to meditate and of all the Weekend Meditations you could have possibly sent, this one arrives today in my Inbox. Of course! We ARE connected and we ARE ONE. Thank you for sharing your insights, teaching, and guidance. I look forward to devouring this book just as I have all your others. With much gratitude, Elly

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