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This is Why Ritualization is So Important to Your Meditation Practice

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!!!

Many of us have specific rituals that we do each morning. Some of us practice yoga, pray, or meditate. Others ask reflective questions or repeat affirmations, and others do heart-opening exercises. These ritualized behaviors are essential to beginning our day on the right path, subtly setting the course that our day will follow.

Starting your day with a meditation ritual provides the perfect environment for your intentions to embed and for your day to unfold with greater grace and greater ease.

When we set an intention and go into meditation, it’s like planting a seed and then going into the garden to cultivate it with quietude. Now we have a seed pregnant with possibilities, a seed with a built-in manifestation being planted into a vibrationally fertile environment that will help it thrive.

Ritual + Meaning = Transformation

You will crystallize your full embrace of the Divine Principle of Awareness, through a series of daily rituals that will create a powerful trajectory for you to move through your day with calm, clarity, decisiveness, and the strength to make new bold, fearless choices.

From this moment forward, you will walk this Second Divine Path with grace and ease.

The Daily Practices

We can awaken the Divine Principle of Awareness in our very core and activate our Sacred Powers of Attention, Intention, and Action in our life through five transformational daily practices that can be used individually or in combination.

Each practice offers you an opportunity to cultivate attention, intention, and action. All five practiced on a daily basis will nourish your powers of transformation:

  1. Asking sacred questions and planting intentions
  2. The garden of manifestation meditation
  3. Repeating the sacred affirmation
  4. Performing the sacred rite
  5. Taking your action step

The Sacred Questions

We begin our practice by asking ourselves a few Sacred Questions. These are questions designed to spark a dialogue between you and the Universe. We close our eyes, place our hands over our hearts, and silently ask each question for a minute.

Sometimes answers will flow. Sometimes there will be no answers. Do not stress out if answers don’t come back. It’s very common for answers to come back hours or days later.

The key is to ask the Sacred Questions over and over until they become part of your inner dialogue. In time they will become part of your outer dialogue, as well, which is how your energy effortlessly transforms.

Asking Sacred Questions and Planting Intentions

We begin our day by finding a comfortable place to sit or lie down. We settle in, place our hands on our hearts, and begin the practice of asking the Sacred Questions. Simply ask the first question over and over for about a minute, and let answers innocently flow. Don’t force! Then do the same with the second question, then the third.

Feel free to spend up to a minute with each question. When you have completed the process, take a long, slow, deep breath in, and release all the questions and any answers that arose. Then invite an intention into your mind. Get clear on it, invite it into your heart, and plant that intention like a seed in the fertile soil of your heart. Then breathe in deeply, and let it go as you exhale. Leave it up to the Universe to work out all the details.

The Three Sacred Questions

To awaken attention, intention, and action in our day, we ask: 

  • What is my deepest desire?
  • Where can I place my attention today?
  • What commitment do I make?

Then invite your intention into your awareness. Allow it to crystallize. And when you are clear on it, invite it into your heart. Begin a gentle, slow process of deep breathing as you see it clearly move into your heart; and keep breathing deeply. Envision your endgame, your goal, your target.

Notice how manifesting your intention makes you feel . . . in your body, in your mind, in your heart. Slowly witness the progressive steps you will need to take to bring you to that moment – the behaviors, conversations, actions you need to do.

What does it look like when it has manifested?

How does it feel when it has actually become a reality?

Visualize the whole process unfolding from the very first seed until its fulfillment. Own it all. And then plant your intention like a seed deep in your heart. Take a deep breath in to anchor it . . . and let it go. You don’t need to think about it anymore. From this moment forward, every time you connect with the stillness and silence inside your heart, you will strengthen the intention and activate its birth in your life.

The Garden of Manifestation Meditation

Now that you’ve set the table by asking your Sacred Questions, letting answers flow, inviting your intention into your heart, and releasing it out into the Universe, it’s time to meditate.

Whenever we plant a seed, we first burrow it in fertile soil. Then we water it, and we trust that the seed will grow. When we meditate, we take a Time-In. We allow the outside world to simply be. We release our grip on how we believe everything is supposed to unfold. We till the soil that will hold our seed and make it as fertile as possible.

Meditation is our incubation period, where we quiet our body and mind. Once we’ve planted our intention and released it, we trust the Master Plan of the Universe to work out the details. The Garden of Manifestation Meditation is an ancient technique that sages have used for thousands of years. Early morning practice cultivates the soil of our existence so that our intentions will have a garden to flourish.

There’s no equipment necessary. Here’s how it works:

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down.
  2. Take a long slow deep breath in, and watch the breath as it moves into you and goes down deep into your belly.
  3. Release the breath, and observe it as it moves back out.
  4. Continue to slowly and quietly breathe, simply witnessing the process.
  5. Once you feel relaxed, begin silently repeating the ancient vibration of manifestation.


  1. As you inhale, silently repeat SO. As you exhale, silently repeat HAAM. Do it slowly at first and allow a natural pace to take over. There’s no perfect speed or cadence—whatever feels right to you.
  2. After you’ve repeated the mantra a few times and found your groove, close your eyes and continue to silently repeat SO HAAM.

When you notice you have drifted away to thoughts, sounds, and physical sensations (and you will), then gently drift your attention back to SO HAAM SO HAAM SO HAAM and continue to silently repeat it.

You can read more in my book Sacred Powers.

In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap!!! Peace. -davidji

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