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Releasing the Ties that Bind Us

“We all need to visit the land of hurts and wounds once in a while, but no one needs to live there.”

There is a part of you right now that needs the deepest healing—the most profound return to wholeness, the biggest shift and that comes from beginning to release. There may be wounds, trauma, and painful memories attached to that part of you begging to be let go. And at the cellular level, every atom in your body is aware of the disturbance and suffering you have gone through and is secretly rooting for you to release it.

See your whole body, mind, and Soul as fully aware of everything that has gone on and everything that needs to be done. Even if you are not fully conscious of it, there are no secrets between your heart and your soul—no mysteries or riddles that every fiber of your being does not know.

You may have innocently worked very hard to suppress your hurts and wounds, wall them off, or compartmentalize them. Yet they flow through every cell of your existence, and the pain associated with them is being felt throughout your body even when your attention isn’t on them. They can flare up in an instant by having the right hot button pushed or tender spot being touched.

Before you let go, you must loosen your grip. And this is most easily done when we give ourselves permission to do the following:

  1. Begin the process.
  2. Own our impact.
  3. Let go of what no longer serves us.
  4. Step into a new beginning.

Loosening Your Grip

Before taking a step toward REbirth, many people struggle with constricted outlooks, conditioned internal conversations, peer-pressured viewpoints, uninspired attitudes, and hand-me-down belief systems. Remind yourself as you walk through this process of REbirth that part of you will boldly step out of the shadows and into the light. Are you ready to do that right now? If that sounds scary, then simply dip your toe in. Let’s begin to awaken your Sacred Power of Release by gently giving yourself permission to move forward. Answer this question right now:

Am I ready and willing to awaken the sacred power of REbirth in my life right now?

If you are not sure, do not despair. It just means that you are still very tender. Be gentle with yourself… take your time… keep meditating, and your heart will begin to soften, open and allow the healing to start. In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap.

Peace. -davidji

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