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REBIRTH:The Principle of Renewal and Growth

Life Tools -The Divine Principle of Rebirth

Hello, Spiritual Warrior!

We are now almost halfway through our year, and what better time than now to let go of the things that are no longer working, and embrace the concept of REBIRTH?

We are beings of second chances. And we all go through situations where we wish we could hit the rewind button and change an interaction or situation. And yet there is no way to go back and change the past, all we can do is move forward. 


In this video I give you the example of Thomas Edison – who is said to have failed tens of thousands of times as he was working to perfect the creation of the lightbulb. If he had bought into thinking he was a failure, he would have never kept going and brought us – literally – the light he ended up sharing with the world. 

Let’s practice this with the mantra ‘Today I begin again’ – and whatever it is that you are going through, whatever hurdle you are trying to conquer, whatever relationship you might be trying to navigate – keep telling yourself this in your mind and heart. Today I begin again.

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our best version photoNamaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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