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Are You Ready for Rebirth, Reinvention & Rejuvenation?

Hello Spiritual Warriors!! and welcome to this week’s edition of the Source in which we talk about rebirth, reinvention and rejuvenation.

Lao Tzu is known to have said, “When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be.” But what does that truly mean?

There is a part of you right now that needs the deepest healing; the most profound return to wholeness; the biggest shift. Perhaps there are wounds, trauma, painful memories attached to that part of you. And, at the cellular level, every atom in your body is aware of the disturbance and suffering you have gone through. Right now, see your whole body, mind and soul as fully aware of everything that has gone on.

[tweet_dis]There are no secrets between your heart and your soul[/tweet_dis] – no mysteries, riddles, confidences, or surprises that every fiber of your being does not know. You may have worked so hard to suppress it, wall it off, or compartmentalize it. Yet, it flows through every cell and the pain associated with it is being felt throughout your body even when your attention isn’t on it. It just needs the right hot-button or tender spot being pushed to flare up at some invisible level.

Warren Bennis, the American scholar and leadership teacher, is known to have said, “People who cannot invent and reinvent themselves must be content with borrowed postures, secondhand ideas, fitting in instead of standing out.” So, remind yourself that through this process of rebirth and reinvention, that part of you will step out of the shadows and into the light.

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Are you ready to do that right now? If that sounds scary, then simply dip your toe in. Let’s start by simply giving yourself permission to awaken your power of rebirth. Answer this question right now:

Am I ready and willing to awaken the sacred power of rebirth in my life right now?

If the answer is “no” do not despair. It just means that you are still too tender to go there. No worries. Simply trust and give yourself permission to accept that the best is yet to come. As you slowly heal from believing your magnificence is there but dormant, you will slowly regain the confidence to begin your rebirth. You can always come back to this question.

If you answered “yes,” then let’s continue with a sweet process I refer to as two-hand healing.

First, find a comfortable space to sit or lay down. Place your left hand on your heart and rest your right hand against your throat. The ancient teachings of energetic flow say that your heart is your forgiveness center and your throat is your permission center. And to awaken your power of rebirth, we need to awaken forgiveness and permission. We need to forgive ourselves for everything that’s ever happened in our lives, and, grant ourselves permission to heal, move forward and thrive.

And now simply breathe and watch your breath move in and out. As you breathe in, feel your left hand on your heart rise up with your expanded chest and silently repeat, “I forgive myself.” As you exhale, feel the breath under your right hand move through your throat, and silently repeat, “I give myself permission to begin again.”

Get into a rhythmic flow as you practice this four or five times and then close your eyes and continue for a few minutes. I’ll wait right here. So let’s begin.

How does that feel?

Throughout the day find a minute – just a minute – in the morning, the afternoon, and the evening, to awaken your two-hand healing practice. After only a few days, you will find yourself getting stronger, awakening to your rebirth… feeling a bit more confident that the best is yet to come – and you and the universe will begin to merge.

Practice this a few times today and let me know how you feel in the comment section or by sending me an email (info@davidji.com) Together, we will heal, forgive ourselves, and grant ourselves permission to begin again!!!

Keep it fresh! Keep meditating! And keep trusting! In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap! Peace. –davidji

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drop-the-leash-bookWhat I’m Reading Right Now

“Drop the Leash” is written by my new friend Kathryn Eriksen. It’s a profound story of unconditional love and forgiveness written through the perspective of a dog, and I know you’ll enjoy it! You can learn about Kathryn at www.KathrynEriksen.com. Her book is available on Amazon.

Largest Mass Meditation – Led By davidji – to Take Place Dec. 18

MIAMI, Nov. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — First we get QUIET, then we get LOUD! For the first time in the history of a professional sporting event, the largest group of people engaged in simultaneous meditation will take place when Miami’s HEAT Nation is invited to participate in a historic “Mindful Moment” prior to tip-off of the HEAT vs. Celtics game, preceded by a Mindfulness Festival at the arena.

Organized by America Meditates and led by Davidji, the first Dean of the (Deepak) Chopra Center University and internationally recognized stress-management expert and Shelly Tygielski, a mindfulness expert that is locally-based, attendees at the AmericanAirlines Arena will be led through a mindful breathing practice to get present, raise the vibe and get energized for the big game!

This HEAT Nation Meditation event stems from wildly popular weekly oceanfront meditation sessions that have been taking place on Hollywood Beach, organized by Shelly Tygielski, founder of America Meditates.

“Our ‘See You On the Sand’ classes started with 12 friends less than a year ago and has now grown to attract hundreds of people per week!” said Tygielski. “In less than a year we have attracted close to 15,000 South Floridians to come learning about mindfulness, and we knew it was time to take it to the next level by bringing in the entire HEAT Nation to participate!”

Everyone including sports fans, families and health and wellness enthusiasts are invited to attend the daylong mindfulness festival for only $30, which includes admission to the HEAT vs. Celtics game. Tickets are available through TicketMaster at www.heatnationmeditation.com. Season ticket holders can purchase tickets to the pre-game Festival.

“Mindfulness meditation” is nothing new in the professional sports world where athletes take their pregame rituals seriously. Many pro teams in the NFL, NBA and NHL practice mindfulness individually and collectively as a team; never before have the fans been invited to participate.

As reported by Sports Illustrated in their cover story, following the 2015 Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl win, the team credited much of their success to the incorporation of meditation into their training regimen.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has reported that mindfulness meditation can help ease psychological stresses like anxiety, depression, and improve mental well-being, focus and performance. It helps athletes get into “the zone.”

In addition to the pre-game “mindful moment,” HEAT Nation Meditation ticket holders will have access to Mindfulness Festival & Meditation Workshop taking place on the Xfinity East Plaza of the AmericanAirlines Arena starting at 1:00 pm on game day, Sunday, December 18th. Local practitioners, meditation experts, wellness brands and other vendors will be on hand to inform and engage guests of all ages.

The festival will feature a 60-minute instructional workshop, including a mindfulness class, meditation in motion and learning practical breathing techniques.

To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/largest-mass-meditation-at-a-professional-sporting-event-to-take-place-at-americanairlines-arena-prior-to-the-december-18th-miami-heat-vs-boston-celtics-game-300357147.html

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