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Raising Our Vibration with 3 Simple Phrases

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source on 3 phrases you can use to honor the four needs of the heart.

Each and every one of our hearts has four basic needs:

  1. Attention: The need to be seen, noticed and to be recognized.
  2. Affection: The need for physical touch, warmth, sweetness and kind glances.
  3. Appreciation: The need for acknowledgment of our contribution, our value and our being.
  4. Acceptance: The need for inclusion in a part of something bigger than yourself.

When these basic needs are not met, anxiety, sadness, detachment, pain, anger, depression, self-hatred and blame can begin to bubble up and manifest in our daily life. If we are mindful, they can be great indicators of when our needs are being met or when they’re not.

So, this week, let’s reflect on the 4 needs of the heart to guide us to understanding our feelings, our emotions and what it is that really might be bothering us.

Let’s also remember that those around us also have these heart-based needs! So, use the three powerful – yet simple – phrases I mention in the video to raise someone else’s vibration, as well as your own! I invite you to share your experiences using these phrases on other this week. Comment below!

In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap!!!

Namaste. – davidji

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