width=City: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Teacher: Julie Franzini
Name of Practice: Grounded – Meditation & Reiki
Website: TBA
Phone: +61  404 881 497
Bio: 30+ years of ‘ Service to Humanity’ through the ‘Division of Acute Nursing’, Reiki Master/Teacher, USUI, Deeper Still Advanced Meditation Teacher, Mastering and Teaching of Wisdom for Spiritual Growth and Expansion.
Specialities: • Guided Meditations/Tools for Grounding and Relaxation. • Groups: Children, Adults, Aged Care, Professional and Corporate Groups. • Encouraging and Empowering. • Stillness from Chaos. • Helping People to Help Themselves.


City: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Teacher: Karolyn Thomson
Name of Practice: Karolyn Thomson Energy Healing
Website: karolynthomsonenergyhealing.com.au
Specialities: Energy healing and meditation teaching
Contact info: karolynthomson2@gmail.com

 width=City: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Teacher: Keith Thomson
Name of Practice: Thomson Management
Specialities: Corporate stress management and reduction training
Contact info: kthomso1@bigpond.net.au



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