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Putting into Practice the Sacred Power of Purpose

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!!! Let’s dive into the Sacred Power of Purpose.

With an awakened heart and an activated passion, the Divine Principle of Inner Fire guides you to then answer your deepest question, “What is the meaning of my life?”

Probably the most profound question you could ever ask, and the answer you arrive at, will propel you through life until you take your last breath. The ancient sages found the answers in the stars, which they referred to in Sanskrit as dhri (pronounced dree). Literally translated as “to support, hold, or bear,” dhri was the force that held the stars apart and the Universe together. Dhri was the cosmic energy that allowed everything to make sense, essentially the why and how of all existence.

The Sacred Power of Purpose is the law of nature that, once internalized, holds your stars apart and your Universe together. When you ask yourself what matters in life, the answers are the building blocks of your own personal dhri. The ancient Buddhists developed the word dhamma from the word dhri in order to describe the pure truth taught by the Buddha.

To fully understand dhri, ask yourself right now, “What holds my stars apart and my Universe together?”

Passion and purpose are cosmically interwoven: once you know what you most care about, you can start being more purposeful in the way that you think, speak, and act.

So this week, let’s explore what you value, because these are the guardrails that you use to navigate yourself through the world.

When you don’t really know what matters, then you are aimless—careening back and forth between boundaries that are created by someone else or something other than you. When you truly know what you value, then your guardrails transform into nourishing guideposts that propel you further in the direction of your dream.

The Sacred Power of Purpose is ever evolving as we move through the various phases of our life. What mattered to us in our youth may be very different from what mattered to us even five years ago. That’s why this is an ongoing exploration, and as our life progresses, we will experience diverse expressions of our dhri.

You may be very clear on what you think matters to you right now. But how much of that is based on what’s happened to you over the course of your life, and how you’ve reacted to it?

Your life is a series of choices, and you’ve had to make some challenging and amazing decisions to get you this far. We know that at your core, you are pure, perfect, whole, and enlightened. But most likely, many of the decisions you’ve made came from scenarios in which you were forced to make a choice that ultimately was not in your best interest or not of your own design, and it did not support your divine purpose.

So let’s rediscover what really matters to you. The results will inspire you and help awaken your purpose!

Take some quiet time, and grab a pen. These are some pretty direct questions, and the answers are meant to flow from the core of your being, not your intellect. Whenever you get stuck, place your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and just breathe for a minute as you move your attention from your head back into your heart.

(Remember: the heart never lies!)

Peace. -davidji

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