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The Power of Soul


“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” – C.S. Lewis

Welcome Spiritual Warriors! Welcome to the Power of Soul. And the fusion between our mind, our body and our spirit, which we often see as separate from each other – but actually are all one – all the same thing wearing different disguises. These three realms of existence: the physical realm, the subtle realm, and the causal realm, exist as one and when we see separation – that is an illusion…known in Sanskrit as maya.


Our connection to God – whether that is Jesus, or Krishna, or the angels, or Allah, or an invisible being, or a divine creator, or the universe – rests deep within us…beneath our earthly flesh and our physical existence. Yet, as our day unfolds with each sunrise, we often forget that. We think that we are human beings having an occasional, magnificent spiritual experience when in fact, we are children of God – spiritual beings having this amazing human experience.
So, let’s celebrate that today. Let’s celebrate those different aspects of our being. Let’s celebrate our physical body. Let’s celebrate our heart. Let’s celebrate our intellect. And let’s celebrate our soul. But most importantly, let’s celebrate our one-ness – the oneness of our physical emotional and spiritual aspects and the one-ness that we share with each other.

To kick off the process right now, let’s take a long slow deep breath in………….. Feel this breath come deep into your belly; and right before you exhale, feel it turn around, that moment where it turns around is pure stillness and silence, it’s the gap between the inhale and the exhale. It’s that differentiation between in and out, there is no activity there. It is neither in nor out. It just is. It’s not the end of the inhale, and it’s not the beginning of the exhale. Knowing that we have this stillness within us, as a component of every single breath we take allows us to reconnect with the stillness within our body and our physical realm. Every single cell in our body is growing and moving, expanding, constantly in activity, and yet we have a physical process, that occurs every five to 25 seconds – and that’s the stillness between your breath. We can use our ability to connect to this stillness – this space between our breaths to connect us to the oneness that is our physical, our heart based, our intellect based, and our spiritual essence.

As you breathe in – feel the connection to this sacred, precious, present moment. In this moment, there is no past, there is no future. And it’s in this precious, sacred moment that we can truly feel our connection to the non-local realm – a connection to the divine.

In that moment we are pure, and perfect, unbounded and infinite, abundant and whole. We have infinite organizing power, infinite creative potential… and wholeness exists at every single point along the way. We are beyond time and space.


And so in each breath, we remind ourselves that THIS is our true essence. Our unconditioned, divine essence. No matter how constricted you feel in your chest, your shoulders, your belly; no matter how intense or over-whelmed you feel by issues, stuff that’s happened, difficult conversations, non-nourishing behaviors, or stressful interactions between you and someone else, you can bring yourself into the now and remind yourself who you really are. You are not just your body. You are not simply your mind. You are the universe!!! If your struggling with an emotional or health challenge, know that you can turn into something special right now by recognizing the sweet fusion that exists within you — between the five realms of your existence – the physical, the emotional, the material, the relationship, and the spiritual. Bring into them all and feel the one-ness…the connection…the power of your Soul.

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Don’t miss today’s LIVE show on hayhouseradio.com
every Wednesday
3-4p PST/6p EST

Join me today on Hay House Radio and we’ll take it even deeper. From this SweetSpot to your SweetSpot – I wish you a day of one-ness. Peace. -davidji


Interested in taking your wisdom and practice to a deeper level?  Click here to learn more!
Interested in taking your practice to a deeper level?
Click here to learn more!
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