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The Power of Setting Intentions

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source… let’s explore the difference between attention & intention.

So what is an intention exactly? One definition is to have in mind a purpose or plan – to direct the mind – to aim. And I say WHY NOT AIM HIGH?!

So here’s what we’re going to do. Starting today we’ll begin with your PHYSICAL REALM intention(s). Below are two options to choose from – if one doesn’t vibe with you, try the other.

  1. Find ONE word that captures each intention. If you are looking to cleanse your physical body, use the word CLEAN. If you are looking to let go of some pain in your physical body, use the word RELEASE. Remember, today we can spend the whole day on our intentions for our PHYSICAL realm.
  2. Write down your word and place it where you’ll see it; on your bedside table, your refrigerator, the dashboard of your car, or the bathroom mirror.
  3. Now write the same word on another piece of paper and place it somewhere that you don’t often go; a draw you don’t often open, your garage, your linen or hall closet, a guest room…even the pocket of a shirt you haven’t worn in a while.
  4. Find a quote, poem, song, phrase, article or book excerpt that exemplifies that word. Spend the day with it.
  5. If you have more than one within the physical realm, just try to keep things simple – the simpler the stickier. Let’s own this one before we move on.
  6. Tomorrow you’ll do the same process for the EMOTIONAL realm and so on and so forth.

If these steps don’t resonate with you, here’s option 2.

  1. Get clear on what you want and write it down.
  2. Share with someone you trust – this will hold you accountable.
  3. Do something today that demonstrates your commitment.
  4. Acknowledge that you did what you said you were going to do, smile and give yourself a hug.
  5. If fear or self doubt should show it’s nasty head – don’t fall into the “trap pattern” because we’re never too old or too far away from our dreams to make them come true – it’s never too late – or early for that matter.

Now is the time to shift the course and tap into the things that make you feel whole, balanced, and fulfilled. So get centered with your intentions, keep your eye on the prize, plant and water those seeds, and embrace those intentions with ALL of your HEART! Let’s get busy!!! I’ll see you in the gap.  –davidji

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