width=City: Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania
Teacher: Shelley Zeichner
Name of Practice: “Breathe in Peace, Breathe out B***s***”
Website: shelleyzeichner.com
Phone: 610-256-7724
Bio:  As I walked happily along my life’s path some “situations” joined me, all at once, bringing with them lots of stress. I’d heard how healing yoga can be, so I tried a class, and found that to be true. Next, I heard how meditation can bring ease into the mind-body, so I tried classes, and found that to be true. I became a spiritual seeker. Teachers started showing up. And then I found davidji….. or did he find me? Years of aha moments followed as I practiced his teachings and went deeper into meditation. I wanted to share all that I’d learned from davidji and from the masters of wisdom, the sages who lived thousands of years ago, knowing back then what we’re learning now. I’ve become a Certified davidji Master of Wisdom Teacher. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”, I was ready and my teachers showed up. I’d be honored to do the same for you.

 width=City: Morrisville, Pennsylvania
Teacher: Karen Emery
Name of Practice: Intuitive Karen
Website: intuitivekaren.com
Bio: Karen is a certified 200 hour yoga instructor, Reiki Master, and oracle card reader. She teaches meditation classes free to the community several times a month as a way of giving back. Karen was introduced to meditation after a severe family trauma and it soon became her passion. Meditation helped her become a better oracle/tarot reader and coach. It continues to guide her to become the person she was meant to be.  She teaches that meditation must be enjoyable, or the student won’t practice for long. Her goal is to teach her clients, through card reading/coaching and meditation how to overcome life’s challenges, find their passion and live their dream.
Contact info: karen@intuitivekaren.com

 width=City:  Richboro, Pennsylvania
Teacher:  Lisa Jaffee
Name of Practice:  Lisa Jaffee
Website:  www.practicingeveryday.com
Contact info: lisajaffee@gmail.com
Bio: For over 20 years, Lisa has been a dedicated yoga practitioner. In 2010 she completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training program & in 2018 (June 2019 expected completion) started an additional 300 hour yoga teacher training program. Looking to deepen her meditation practice in 2016 (and the again in 2018) she completed a mediation teacher training program with davidji and participates in a meditation sangha that meets weekly. Though a self-described “work in progress” thru meditation she has learned the value of pausing and breathing and hopes to share this with anyone & everyone who would like to learn.
Specialties:  Yoga 500 RYT (in progress), certified davidji meditation teacher for corporate, private groups, children or to help you develop & deepen your own personal practice.

anna dowart davidji certified teacherCity: Anna McBride Dorwart
Name of Practice:
Phone: 610-350-1790

 width=City:  Yardley, Pennsylvania
Bio: Michele began practicing yoga and meditation in 2009 and through her daily practice  she found her deep love for meditation. She quickly felt the benefits of  the physical and mental rewards that led her to the Meditation Teacher Certification from the davidji Meditation Academy in 2018 while simultaneously receiving her Yoga Teacher Certification.  She believes transformation can happen when having fun, finding ease, peace, flexibility and laughter.  Michele’s purpose is to have you leave your practice feeling better ,happier, calmer and healthier than when you arrived. Outside of the studio she volunteers and mentors at-risk teens in foster care in the practice of yoga and meditation to bring calm and peace into their daily lives while assisting them in releasing stress and making  intentional choices to bring more joy into their world. She also teaches Yoga and Meditation at local yoga studios.

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