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This is How We Peel Away the Artificial Illusions of Separation

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!

Many of the ageless spiritual teachings are based on the concept of the Divine Principle of One—the belief that there is no separation between anything.

The ancient spiritual masters referred to this one-ness as Advaita (pronounced ad-vite-ah), literally translated as “nondualism.” Advaita teaches that we are multidimensional beings and that all the various aspects of our existence are simply Spirit wearing different disguises.

The core of this ancient teaching of non-dualism states that there is:

  • No difference between your physical body and your personal Soul
  • No distinction between your personal Soul and the Soul of another
  • No separation between your personal Soul and the Universal Spirit

If we peel away the artificial illusions of separation, known in Sanskrit as maya, then our one-ness is revealed.

Spirituality is simply our relationship to the Universe, a way of seeing the world in which we are simultaneously different parts of the whole as well as the whole. And it is from our Soul that we flow so effortlessly into Spirit and merge with the divine. Peace. -davidji

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