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Pattern Interrupt Weekend Meditation

Photo Credit: downeym via Compfight cc

Mantra: So Hum

An important key to destressifying is mastering our awareness – which starts by connecting to the stillness and silence that rests within. Introducing pattern interrupts into your life throughout the day is a powerful awareness tool – but starting your day from a platform of stillness and silence is transformational as every other moment you experience – every word you speak and every action you take comes from a place that’s reflective rather than reflexive, that’s purposeful rather than knee-jerk and that’s unconditioned… not pulling from your tight constricted realm of conditioned responses. The awareness that unfolds from simply a few moments of quiet reflection before you act can powerfully shift you into destressifying mode.

At the end of this guided meditation, please enjoy UK Musician Jeremy Ross’ song “Pattern Interrupt” created especially for davidji. You may listen to the song alone at davidji.com/community/friends-of-davidji/

Want to add this to your meditation library? Download it here.


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