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Owning Your Practice


“Self-observation is the first step of inner unfolding.’ -Amit Ray

Welcome to a brand new week spiritual warriors!!! I’ve just finished the final week of my spring Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training. It was a beautiful week of grounding my meditation practice with 14 fellow explorers from around the world. We rose an hour before the sun came up; we walked down to the beach in the darkness of the morning and nestled into our blankets; we began meditating as the rhythmic sound of the waves flowed sweet-cool-ocean prana into our lungs; and as the sun rose, it gently lifted the darkness into light – all of this with our eyes closed.

By 7:30am, we had meditated, connected to nature, opened our hearts, practiced kundalini yoga and manifested a powerful trajectory for the rest of our day. We had achieved more by mid-morning than most people do in a day. The sense of accomplishment is profound. The ripples of fulfillment lasted all day long into the evening when we meditated again on the sand as the setting sun sent the colors of the rainbow in all directions as it dipped beneath the ocean.

Now maybe you don’t have sweet ocean air flowing into your day. Maybe you don’t get to wiggle your toes in the sand as you drift into stillness and silence. But you have the same opportunity to rise, pee, and meditate (RPM). You have the same opening to set a calming, non-reactive trajectory to your day – to leave your stress behind. You have the same darkness when you close your eyes…and the same light as the sun wakes up to start your day. And you’ve got the same desire to live your life with greater grace and greater ease.

This week, if you can make the commitment to RPM a few minutes before the sun rises, you will experience the same gift that I receive each dawn. Your mind will be a bit quieter as you begin your morning routine. You’ll experience greater calm as the day unfolds. Your heart will be a bit more open, so you’ll walk through the day with a bit more compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance. This means you’ll struggle less throughout the day. You’ll be a bit less conditioned – so you’ll be less reactive…less knee-jerk.

But most profoundly, you will live each day with a bit more gratitude for the gifts the universe is offering you with each breath…a sense of wholeness, of infinite possibilities, of deeper satisfaction, and of greater love. We can do this every day as a virtual collective. The feeling we have is tangible when our fellow meditators are connecting to stillness & silence. It’s an AHAM BRAHMASMI BABY! moment.

I encourage you to experiment this week and explore what it’s like to accomplish more by mid-morning than most people do in a day. You’ll feel nourished, restored, and empowered. And before you know it, this will become your morning ritual. If you’d like to learn from me in person, there are still a few spaces remaining in my upcoming Secrets of Meditation Healing Immersion. I invite you to join me LIVE! this Thursday on Hay House Radio and we’ll take it deeper.

In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap! Peace. -davidji


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