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Owning the Power of Your Ripple

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!!

Every thing in this sweet existence of ours is energy – every word, thought, sound, view, physical sensation… our responses to the world around us, our actions and our interactions. Every text, bark, email, churchbell, whisper, gaze, breath, car engine, rainbow, All the ripples of nature -from the warmth of the sun, the blowing of the breeze, the waves in the ocean, the changing of the leaves, the light from the stars in the night sky… and it goes on and on. Everything is energy.

Each day, we wake up, and – for most of us – we see what the world has in store for us. As moments unfold, conversations take place, interactions transpire, and surprises appear, we get a sense that we are tiny specs in a giant universe – and that somehow the world happens to us. That life just comes at you in random surges. But that is an illusion. Actually, the entire universe rests inside of you and all of your experiences in this life have been subtly co-created by you – whether or not you were paying attention. Yes, the thoughts you have, the words you say, and the actions you perform have a power unto themselves and have stealthily led you to this exact moment.

Most of us are not aware of our innate ability to impact the world around us. We aren’t sure how to live each moment with deeper purpose. We have no clue of how to guide our life to higher levels of fulfillment and happiness. But the amazing truth is that for thousands of years, individuals who have understood & harnessed the power of their ripple have lived lives of deeper meaning, profound serenity, limitless abundance, and success. And, now you can too!

This week, let’s pay closer attention to the power of our ripple — starting with our thoughts, our actions and our words — and move with greater kindness and love.

Peace. -d

6 thoughts on “Owning the Power of Your Ripple”

  1. Responding to Ginny, I have had to deal with a draining background over the course of my life. The key given to me by davidji and other teachers like Wayne Dyer and Barbara DeAngelis is forgiveness but first forgiving myself. I am not perfect either, and if I deserve forgiveness don’t others? Learning has made me realize that if these tools had been available to others who hurt me, their path would have looked quite different, so both gratitude and forgiveness are in play. Feelings still arise but I now have the tools to transform them and hopefully pay it forward, but if I EVER see someone mistreating another, well, forgiveness is for after, I will defend the innocent. That compassion that is a gift I could have only gained through painful experience.

  2. This is for Ginny Levith’s comment about growing up with an abusive family: I’ve been where you are and I love all of those authors too. Followed Esther’s practices almost religiously for years bet felt like no matter how hard I tried there were these reactions inside me that popped out. I finally stumbled across a type of psychotherapy called EMDR. Look it up, it’s an eye movement / bilateral stimulation therapy developed for PTSD. We think of PTSD as combat but any childhood trauma can leave a lasting affect by leaving an unprocessed memory. This memory is stored in a network in your brain and since it’s not processed and stored in the past it stays active in the present in your subconscious mind and further experiences build and strengthen this pathway throughout your timeline. I love listening to all of these authors but without going back and processing these Childhood memories with EMDR I never would have been able to become the person I’ve always known I was meant to be. None of us are perfect and the contrast is part of evolution but I was really blocked by the trauma in my past. Call your insurance company and ask them for a list of therapists and psychologists that specialize in EMDR. It might not be a long list but it is so worth it. Trust the process, therapy never helped me before EMDR. So thankful I found it as it has truly unlocked me and I hope it will help you too 🙂

  3. Dear Ginny, my heart aches for you. I can just speak from my own personal experience. I think for once forgiveness is the key. Forgiving the people that hurt you. I had to do that at lot…
    I try to pray for them rather then continue to be angry about what they have done for me. I know thats not easy…it takes practise.
    Do you remember Wayne Dyers story about forgiving his father ?! After he died.
    I also believe volunteering, maybe at the animal shelter or with cancer stricken children maybe would help a lot. Helping anyone less fortunate, even talking to a homeless person on the street. The key is finding a purpose in life, whatever that may be for you. Think about something you are passionale about and then maybe find a way to incorporate that in helping someone else.
    I hope this help. Love, Angela

  4. Thank you davidji for your kind loving energy! I will pay closer attention to the power of my ripple and move with greater kindness and love.

  5. What a simple reminder of our life. What a refreshing way of putting things! Mahalo Davidji for sharing your light and love with us so that ripple effect will be wider.
    Light & Love & Ripples!
    Bibi Angola

  6. I was raised by a very mean, abusive family. By the time I started Kindergarten I was withdrawn and non-communicative. It has made me a very angry adult of many years (59 yrs). Do you know of people who have spent many years being very angry inside and actually have been able to finally be at peace within themselves through meditation? Or does one have to have a perpensity toward happiness? I’m tired of being angry; therapy has helped, but not enough. I love your guidance as well as that of Dr. Chopra, Louise Hay and the late, great Dr. Dyer. But my inner anger is not subsiding. Any advice? Thank you and Namaste.

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