width=City: Manzanita, Oregon
Teacher: Deborah Cipolla
Email: dcipolla3@gmail.com
Phone: 408.930.4911
Certifications: davidji Masters of Wisdom and Meditation teacher; davidji Deeper Still teacher; Reiki Level 2 practitioner
Bio: Deborah is a former journalist and corporate communicator who came to meditation for the same reasons as many people: to survive various crises and to seek answers to previously unanswerable questions. After dipping her toe in for a few years, she jumped in with both feet, found a peace she hadn’t experienced before, and now shares her knowledge and enthusiasm about meditation whenever she can. Meditation isn’t rocket science. In fact, it might just be the simplest – and best – thing you ever do for yourself.

 Portland, Oregon
Teacher:  Jeff Houghtaling
Name of Practice: Northwest Meditation
Email: houghtalingjeff@gmail.com
Specialties:  Stress reduction, peak performance and state management

City: Portland, Oregon
 width=Teacher: Kristin Fritz
Phone: 503-887-7221
Bio: Kristin Fritz is a certified meditation teacher, mindfulness coach, and love activist. She specializes in helping people embrace their everyday experience as a practice for personal and global transformation. With an emphasis on ease and practicality, Kristin delivers tools and insights for a lifestyle of less stress and more purpose. She believes that every moment is an invitation to see yourself with greater clarity and compassion. Her calling is to be a change agent for individuals who want better for themselves and the world, starting right here and right now.
Specialties: Certifications include davidji Masters of Wisdom & Meditation, UCSD Mindful Self-Compassion, HeartMath Institute, Coach Training Alliance

City: Portland, Oregon & Kapaa, KauaiBosch Asilomar
Teacher: Leonie Wolff
Website: leoniewolff.com, embracingwisdom.com
Phone: 360-269-3050
Bio: Integrative Nurse. Faculty and program development at Harmony Hill Retreat Center (WA). Retreat facilitator for: People living with cancer; Grief and loss; Healthcare professionals; Dancing with Shadows; Loving after loss; Kauai Retreats.
Specialties: Certifications: davidji Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher, ANA Certified Integrative Nurse Life Coach. RN. LMT. Chopra Center Vedic Master. 

melissa mattern head shotCity: Portland, Oregon
Teacher: Melissa Mattern
Name of Practice: Meditation For Regular People
Website: Meditation4RegularPeople.com
Contact: meditation4people@gmail.com
Bio: Melissa is the founder and lead teacher of the Meditation for Regular People studio in Southeast Portland.  She takes the mystery out of meditation and mindfulness by using real life examples…like traffic, family, and waiting in line.  She helps you create a sustainable meditation practice, and have fun doing it.  Get ready to “geek out” on how meditation increases your neuroplasticity and efficiency, ‘cause she’s a brain geek. The community at the studio is welcoming and there’s a full schedule of meditation classes every week including Metta, Mantra, and Extended Sits.  We meditate to become better people, not better meditators…so come on in and create some positive change in your life.


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