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Opening Your Chakras Meditation Video


You know I’m a big fan and believer in chakra wisdom tools. Energy is an integral part of mind-body health and living a more conscious life and chakra is a Sanskrit word and translates to energy “center” or “wheel”. Ancient seers put the pieces together long ago – identifying the many threads of frequencies that connect our physical, motional, intellectual, and spiritual energies and the effects that these vibrations have on our overall health and constitutional wellbeing.

Ayurveda teaches us to study, understand, and balance our mindbodyspirit as a whole – promoting an existence that is in tune with the natural rhythms of nature – and the oneness that rests at the core of our existence. When you apply conscious living practices like chakra awareness techniques, your self-observation and connectivity expands organically.

We have seven main chakra energy centers that run in a straight line along our spine – starting at the base and up to the crown of our head. They can be thought of as the junction points of our physical world and the unmanifest that rests beyond.

When our chakras are open and vibrant we are abundantly rich in the vital life force, known in Sanskrit as “Prana.” We feel grounded, inspired, energized, loving, kind, grateful, intuitive, and connected to source. When energy becomes stagnant in one or more of these vortex wheels, we are prone to experience emotional congestion fueled by fear, limiting beliefs, and lack of self-love – thus opening ourselves to emotional, physical, and spiritual pain.

Opening our chakras make us energized, and awakened chakras promote emotional and spiritual growth. We experience “free flowing” energy and information that moves in alignment within the natural rhythms of our bodies and the universal rhythms of nature.

When we are making healthier, more conscious choices, we exist in a state of grounded energetic alignment with the universe. Awakening our chakra energies is a powerful wisdom tool for us to move closer to our most divine self – our best version. Since our chakras are expressions of the various levels of our consciousness – from groundedness to creativity to following through to loving more to speaking our voice to making more conscious choices to connecting with source – we can open them and flow through the world with greater grace, greater ease & deeper fulfillment. We can connect more powerfully to our most genuine self – awaken more nourishing relationships, shift out of constrictions, and move beyond blockages as we truly manifest our dream life.

This week, let’s open our chakras and lean in the direction of our dreams!

Happy exploring and remember the power of your energy ripple! People feel it, take it in and flow it back into the world just like you do with their energy, so be conscious of how you treat yourself and others in this kooky, beautiful, divine existence of ours! Keep meditating! We transform the world by transforming ourselves.

Aham brahmasmi baby!!!! –davidji

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