width=City: Raleigh, NC
Teacher: Holly Cox, PhD, LMFT
Name of Practice: Lotus Therapy Center
Contact: Holly@lotustherapycenter.com, 919-714-745
Website: www.lotustherapycenter.com
Blog:  https://www.lotustherapycenter.com/blog/
Bio: I help smart, interesting people engineer lives that are radically adventurous and meaningful. We live in a performance-oriented culture. But, that doesn’t mean that when we find our edge we have to lose our center. I began my personal meditation practice as a measure of last resort in a life-long wrestling match with anxiety. Now, I share the power of meditation every day in my psychotherapy and coaching practice. I believe that anyone, no matter how busy his or her mind, can find a style of meditation that works. Let me show you how.
Specialties: Holly specializes in teaching busy, anxious, Type-A skeptics to love meditation.

 width=City: Raleigh, NC
Teacher: Lisa Dumas
Contact: ldumas@nc.rr.com, 919-740-9273
Facebook: facebook.com/motionforemotion
Bio: Born in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, I have an appreciation for the wonder and beauty of nature and Mother Earth. Movement, music and mindfulness have always helped me connect to and embody this natural wisdom within.
My passion is teaching (especially children) and I have shared this in several roles throughout my life: tap and jazz dance instructor, drum circle facilitator, professor of radiology, teacher for children with special needs, gardening and cooking classes for children, emotional awareness though creative expression classes for adults and children, and individual and group meditation.
My biggest inspiration and teacher has been my 4 year old grandson who I have custody of. Through this life-changing experience and my daily interactions with him, I have learned that Self-love and care are imperative to facilitate our well-being. I have been transformed and given a new perspective on the concept of “nurturer” and what it truly means to support versus enable.
I love to encourage and support others to play, nurture self-love and find joy; connecting to their innate wisdom and sense of wonderment utilizing dance, drum circle, art, journaling and meditation.
Specialties: Certified Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher – working with individuals or group settings
“Wise Woman Within” – Current event link – “Wise Woman Within”
“Emotion in Motion” –   Empowering children with emotional awareness and regulation utilizing mindfulness, movement, and drum circle.
Certifications: Early Childhood Educator (NCECC), “Power of Awareness” facilitator, and most recently as a davidji Master of Wisdom & Meditation teacher.

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