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New York

City: North Fork, Long Island, NY
Teacher: Colleen M. Doumeng
Bio: Colleen M. Doumeng received her Advanced Meditation Teacher Certification twice from the davidji Meditation Academy after completing over 750 hours of training.  Colleen has traveled and studied extensively with davidji, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Ram Dass & Pema Chondron.   Colleen advanced on her spiritual path after a “dark night of the soul” at the tender age of 33.  She was introduced to a “guru” (remover of darkness) by the name of tongue cancer with no coping skills to prepare her for the onslaught of emotions.  Fortunately and magically a book came into her life at that time – You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.  This book immediately became her steady companion.  Colleen credits the teachings in this book such as learning that she could change her life by changing her thoughts for changing the trajectory of her journey.

Through her twice daily ritualized meditation practice, prayer, affirmations, setting intentions, visualization, learning how to let go, to forgive, to be less judgmental, and a strong commitment to her core values, Colleen has learned how to witness and connect more fully to the present moment.

Colleen is uniquely qualified to work with a wide variety of students. Her students range from children to adults – people from all walks of life.  She offers private and group classes exploring the ancient art of meditation and lectures regularly. She is a Reiki practitioner and a Hospice volunteer at East End Hospice on Long Island.  Colleen also volunteers destressifying and relaxation breathing techniques and leads guided meditations at Mondays at Racine (a cancer care program, which provides complimentary services and support therapies to men, women and their families undergoing treatment).  She resides on the North Shore of Long Island, where she and her husband enjoy spending time with their five adult children, spouses, and eight grandchildren.

City: New York, NY
Teacher:  Karen Asconi
Phone:  201-370-1290
Bio:  Certified Masters of Wisdom & Meditation teacher committed to continued metamorphoses, being present to the simple miracles all around us, and flowing love and peace through deep connection with myself and others. For most of my life I was a high school Science and Theater Arts teacher in New Jersey but happily danced out of the profession on January 31st, 2012 to downsize my “stuff”, push my boundaries, expand my consciousness, and explore a new life path in New York City. I’m in awe of, and so grateful for the buzz, the hum, the early morning stillness, being able to disappear into quiet corners of Central Park at any time for a mini vacation imagining I’m in the woods somewhere, and the opportunity to be present to the whole world existing in one subway car. Currently I’m a part time voiceover artist and actor and full time human, with a dedicated meditation and yoga practice. And it’s dipping into the stillness, silence, and presence within the practice that has made this part of my life so rich, so filled with grace and appreciation for every experience that has led me to this precious moment.  I’m learning and loving “me”, making clearer choices, connecting more deeply on all levels, softening and loving more, listening deeper, shifting relationships, cracking open, shedding old skin, shaking the Etch-a-Sketch, transforming, being the calm in the chaos wherever I am, and passionately sharing the possibilities of this beautiful ride with others. After all, “We’re all just walking each other home.”  It would be an honor and a privilege to walk with you
Specialties: End of Life Doula with INELDA, Hospice and Vigil Volunteer with VNSNY, Restorative Yoga and Meditation teacher in the Wellness Center at Ronald McDonald House NY, De-cluttering – physically and spiritually, Singing (especially in harmony) 200 Hr. Bright Spirit Yoga Teacher Certification, Restorative Yoga Certification, Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Certification, BS Science/Education with Teacher Certification K-12, MA Theater with Teacher Certification K-12, Intergenerational arts projects linking high school students with senior citizens and pre-K/Kindergartners, and I love to cook and bake but my NYC Studio apartment kitchen is so small that it’s not worth the kitchen accidents that happen as I trip over myself or my beautiful little black cat, Maya.  In my next apartment, though, wherever it is …

elisa gordon 2City:  Long Beach, New York
Teacher:  Elisa Gordon
Contact: 516-987-7767
Bio: Elisa is a business owner, wife and mom, with a teaching and counseling background. She practices yoga & enjoys dabbling in oil painting. As the office manager and owner of a family-run general contracting business, Elisa manages people’s stresses with grace and ease. And through her daily meditation practice and training, she has learned to be calm, present and connected to each precious present moment. Elisa is thrilled to share these meditation tools with you. As a davidji certified Master of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher, she will support you in developing a daily practice, help you become your best self, own your impact.
Specialties: Certified Master of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher, Serenity Hatha Yoga Certification Instructor 200hr., MS Elementary Education and MS Counseling from Hofstra University.