width=City:  Manasquan, New Jersey
Teacher:  Wendy Koreyva
Name of Practice:  The Crystal Lotus Meditation & Wellness Center
Website: tclotus.com
Bio: Wendy is a practitioner and teacher of Meditation, Yoga, and several Sound & Energy Healing modalities.  She is the founder of Lyran Light™ Sound Healing and is the owner of The Crystal Lotus Meditation & Wellness Center located in Manasquan, New Jersey.  She began her training in all things metaphysical in 2004, after experiencing profound emotional and physical healing, including the remission of Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Wendy attributes her “return to wholeness” to divine intervention brought about through prayer, meditation, reiki and yoga.  It has become her passion to share these timeless wisdom teachings with the intention of assisting others in reconnecting to their own divinity, to their true selves, and returning to a state of wholeness or “holiness”.  After over 15 years of practice and teaching, she has discovered that meditation is one of the most important and profoundly impactful practices that can be shared with others. Like many, she has a future vision of our world that is peaceful, healthy, and balanced.  She is committed to assisting in this shift on our planet by being an open channel of love and light where needed, and teaching others how to meditate, and open their hearts to more peace, love and compassion.
Specialties:  Group & Private Instruction in Meditation, Gentle Mindful Yoga with emphasis on breath & energy flows within and around the body, Reiki & Energy Healing, Sound Healing Circles featuring Crystal & Metal Singing Bowls with Vocal Toning.
Contact: wendy@tclotus.com

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