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City: Las Vegas
Teacher: Scott William Thompson
Bio: I became a Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher in October 2015. I was perhaps in the midst of one of the most painful experiences of my life having lost my mother tragically a week prior to my in-house certification . I can say that being with 19 other teachers who I spent 4 months prior to the  in-house certification process was incredibly  helpful and comforting Davidji and Nancy were so sensitive and supporting along with my other fellow 19 teachers in training that we leaned into our final week together.
So here I am updating my profile 5 years later and becoming a MOWMT has been one of the best things I ever did for myself. I have taught meditation to hundereds of people from all walks of life. I have spoken at recovery events, spiritual centers and worked in numerous facility’s as a meditation teacher .Meditation is my life and because of Davidji I have been able to sustain a practice for over 5 years.
I offer a unique program called 6 weeks to clarity where I introduce students into the world of meditation. I am also a Licensed Practitioner for The Centers for Spiritual Living , A Chaplain intern for the World Spiritual Health Organization. A volunteer chaplain at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas and a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. I guess you could say I know a few things about spirituality and I defiantly know how to meet you where you are because chances are, I have been there myself, I believe we are all One, yet we have very different needs goals and desires. All my sessions, and classes are online live via zoom technology. You can find out more about me and schedule a free consultation at and get a free reiki meditation while you at it.