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Navigating Obstacles in Life is Easier When You Do This

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!

Last week we explored archetypes and how we can use them as a tool for stepping into our own power. I shared with you some of my favorite archetypes, but I missed a special one that I wanted to tell you about, especially now that we’re looking into the unknown of a new year. Because, for many of us this new year likely brings a new set of challenges. Now, those challenges can be big or small, but it doesn’t really matter. A challenge is unique to the one being challenged!

Ganesha, the the elephant-headed god in Hinduism, is known as the remover of obstacles.

Ganesha is one such archetype that has inspired me particularly when I’m faced with an obstacle in my path. He’s powerful enough to remove obstacles and ensure success, or create obstructions for those whose ambition has become destructive. When you’re setting goals or seeking wisdom as you pursue them—call upon Ganesha as your guide!

In the meantime, keep connecting to the stillness and silence within, and I’ll see you in the GAP. Peace. -davidji

6 thoughts on “Navigating Obstacles in Life is Easier When You Do This”

  1. Oh thankyou dearest davidji!
    I fell on this today, absolutely perfect timing thankyou so much!
    Ahh yes Ganesha .. call upon our inner remover of obstacles to clear away obstacles so we can allow clarity to hear the whispers of god, our inner wisdom.
    Oh that’s so helpful in the current planetary situation for all us earthlings.
    Blessed be
    Thankyou so much
    Love to all

  2. You are the best. Your wisdom always helps me through my problems, many of which are self created in my mind. Your teachings are timeless and constructive. Thank you so much for your weekly updates!!!!

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