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Moving on from Regret

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!!!

We were born mortal, human, flawed, and imperfect in so many ways. We say things we wish we hadn’t; we do things we wish we could take back; we stumble; we fall; we make poor decisions; move in wrong directions; we think dark thoughts; and we are sometimes filled with regret.

The list of universal transgressions that we all share is limitless. The resentment we may have for another person can turn us outwardly bitter – and the anger we hold in our own heart – for ourselves – can inwardly damage us even more as it festers and overwhelms us. We can be the hardest on ourselves. These toxic, destructive emotions only lead to cynicism, reactivity, and depression.

And then there is the best version of yourself — brilliant in every moment. As we walk the Five Divine Paths and awaken our Sacred Powers, (you can read more about this in my book), we begin to fully align with the Universe, and with the support of Spirit, evolve into our best versions.

We’ve all had times when we’ve done the perfect thing at the exact right moment, summoned the most brilliant words at the ideal time, and “magically” came up with the solution to an impossible problem.

But that’s not how we express ourselves most of the time. Yet we know we can. We know that somewhere deep within us rests our best version, just waiting to spring forth. Spirituality is the journey each of us takes in every moment, to channel the Universe and flow its magnificence through our individuated Soul and connect to our best version—if only for a moment.

Overcoming regret is not easy, but it is possible!! The process of healing will begin the second we give ourselves permission to forgive. Some of our wounds may still be raw years after the transgressions took place, and they will only burrow deeper into our mind, heart, and ultimately our body if we don’t do something to take us beyond them.

When we forgive, we free ourselves from the ties that bind us to the one that hurt us. And this might just be the opportunity to forgive yourself. There are a few easy steps to begin the process.

This week, let’s try a little journaling exercise. Make a list of the life-lessons you’ve learned from the experience that is causing your regret.

Ask yourself:

  • Knowing what I now know, would I have acted differently?
  • If confronted with the exact same circumstance, would I make a more conscious choice?

If the answer is that you would now choose more wisely… with greater understanding of the consequences, then you have made a powerful breakthrough.

Saying to yourself, “I am a bad person” — is toxic and disempowering. It’s devolutionary. The fact that you would now choose differently means you are NOT a bad person – but someone who chose poorly in a given moment – just as we all have.

Give yourself permission to acknowledge your less-conscious choice AND make a personal commitment to making more conscious ones going forward.

Imagine yourself behaving in a wiser and more thoughtful way. Define yourself as someone who makes more thoughtful choices. And take a step to transmute the hurt you’ve caused – make amends, tell someone else about your shift, write it down, make a donation to a cause that serves someone else, and have compassion on yourself.

This will begin the process of forgiving your tender heart:

  • Keep moving forward in the direction of your healing.
  • Keep making amends.
  • Keep redefining yourself.
  • Every day wake up and forgive yourself just a little bit more.
  • Start to live the transformation.

And as the days flow on, you will begin to breathe a little bit easier. Remember to meditate every day. This will help your journey of evolution to your best version.

Self-forgiveness is an ongoing process, not an overnight solution. Be gentle with yourself and remember your humanity… your self-compassion. And most importantly, remember that we are all one! Aham brahmasmi, baby! I AM the universe. In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap!

Peace. –davidji

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