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Mastering Uncertainty Weekend Meditation

Mantra: Om Moksha Ritam

Happy weekend Spiritual Warrior!!! Let’s allow clarity to unfold this weekend by settling uncertainty about something in your life that is creating anxiety, pain, or emotional turbulence.  We can start this process by identifying a starting point and an end point of the issue, which allows us to begin to grasp the finite nature of our stress leading to greater clarity and less suffering.

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2 thoughts on “Mastering Uncertainty Weekend Meditation”

  1. My sister-in-law has been diagnosed with end-stages brain/spine cancer within the last 48 hours. Advanced and ghastly. The meditation helped me to see some structure around a plan to help her – ease the transition for her and her precious 7 year old son…….seeing some ending and framework helped me to become calmer so I can help them. My brother is devastated and a mess. They each need us to be calm and the meditation really helped. Thanks…

  2. I love this meditation it has given me a new tool to cope with the stress of my husband being unemployed for the oast 2 yrs and the uncertainty of not knowing f we ate going to have a roof over our head for much longer .
    .thank you Davidji may your days be trult blessed with love
    Donna xxx

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