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Maintaining Focus & Clarity Weekend Meditation

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Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior! I’m in the middle of an epic adventure jet setting from San Diego to Texas to Amsterdam to Dublin to Cork to Utrecht. Follow me on Instagram to see the world from my eyes!

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I’ll be speaking in Cork, Ireland, on Sept. 10, then in Dublin on Sept. 12. It’s my first time in Ireland, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share the news of my upcoming book “Sacred Powers” that comes out Dec. 12. Click the links to reserve your seat if you’re in Ireland.

Then, I’m off to Amsterdam making an evening appearance at Centrum De Roos! You can still get tickets here. And finally, I’m so excited to once again celebrate with the Dutch at the Happinez Festival in Utrecht, Netherlands! Click here for my speaking schedule. 


Traveling the world, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures… it’s a reminder that we are all connected in this universe. And at our most human level, we have many more things in common than we have differences.

The many stages of life, jobs, careers, or relationships, can create vulnerability to FEAR and anxiety. These transitional times bring on levels of uncertainty. We’re not the person we once were nor are we the one we’re about to become.

So we need to establish a life of living in a GROUNDED state. YOU are and should be your own ROCK. Grounding practices will assist in maintaining focus, clarity, grace, & ease during life’s many transitions.

Add this meditation to your library.


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