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Living the Sacred Power of Abundance

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!

When we look to our most genuine selves—beneath our flesh casing, beyond life’s drama, and outside of the moment-to-moment conditioning we have bought into or self-imposed—we see that life’s richness is available to us in every moment. We are open to a vast infinity of wealth consciousness. Even when it so obviously appears that there is only one ticket left, only one option available, or a single slice of the pie remaining, these are simply illusions of the moment. In reality, the pie is big . . . really big, and growing bigger.

The Sacred Power of Abundance always guides us to place our attention on meeting our needs rather than the constriction or blockage that separates us from the fulfillment of that need. But a mind-set conditioned with poverty consciousness tends to focus on perceived limitations. That gap between what we desire in a given moment and what appears to be available can be a powerful spark for our creative solution.

Awakening the Sacred Power of Abundance reveals that the pie is ever expanding, and there is more of everything if we shatter the way we see the world. When we look really deep, we realize that the fear, lack, and poverty consciousness we often embrace are indeed self-imposed or projected on us by what we read, hear, and see. But that’s not who we are.

The Divine Principle of Infinite Flow has taught us that we are open conduits for the magnificent flow of the abundant cosmos. We are divinely designed to experience the most expanded, unconstricted, ever-evolving, and Universal aspects of our Self that are pregnant with possibilities.

The Sacred Power of Abundance dovetails seamlessly with the Sacred Power of Trust. Whether we call it wealth consciousness, abundance consciousness, infinity consciousness, or unbounded awareness- when we are in that state—embracing all the Universe has to offer—we place no conditions on what we are prepared to receive. We are fully open. These are the powerful moments where we say “Yes!” to every offer and where happiness seems to chase us.

The Sacred Power of Abundance invites us to open our arms so wide that everything—money, health, love, forgiveness, opportunity, happiness, spirit—all flow into us without conditions.

Where Does Money Fit In?

Having lots of money doesn’t always provide happiness. It definitely provides the opportunity to not have to worry about money but not necessarily anything else. And you can still have lots of money and worry that it’s not enough or that you’ll lose it. The world is filled with unhappy people who have lots of money and happy people who have no money. It’s also filled with miserable people lacking in material possessions and ecstatic people with really large bank accounts. But without an abundance mind-set regarding the other aspects of life, happiness will most likely elude you . . .even if you’re sitting on a big pile of cash.

Just as trust is built on the foundation of infinite flow, abundance consciousness is a perspective in which we see all of life as an infinite interdependent, interwoven fabric that connects every aspect of existence and flows through us in every moment.

Every breath we take creates a vacuum of air that will be filled by another person’s exhale. Every word we speak enters the silence, alters it, vibrates, and creates the potential for a word from someone else. Every conversation we have is not simply the beginning of something but a continuation of everything that has led up to that moment. Where will the money you need come from?

Wherever it is right now! Peace. -davidji

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