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Learning to Heal from Within

Hello Spiritual Warrior, and  welcome to this week’s edition of The Source where we’ll explore the process of Healing from Within.

I’m hoping you are thriving and moving through your life with greater grace and greater ease. This existence of ours is filled with peaks and valleys. If you are soaring or finding yourself on a peak right now – then take this time to celebrate … dance in the moonlight … take it all in … store up some acorns for when the moments aren’t so fruitful … let your gratitude flow … share your abundance. This will bring deeper fulfillment to the ride, keep it in perspective, and allow you to ride that crest a little bit longer.

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If you find yourself in a valley right now, do not despair. Just like trees don’t grow to the sky, the depth of the abyss has a bottom!! Only 15 years ago, I found myself so deep in a valley of darkness; so sad, confused, purposeless and despondent … feeling so powerless and empty that my heart felt like it had been immersed in a vat of black India ink. The weight on my chest was excruciating. I felt empty, hollow and tears flowed all day long from my eyes and deep inside. Nothing fulfilled me or brightened my world, and it seemed like it would never end and that there was no way out.

My relationships were severely strained; I hated the work that I was doing; sadness and loss rippled through every cell in my being. I couldn’t figure out where I could find happiness. I was teetering on the brink. And then I began my journey of Eat, Pray, Love (without the eating and the love).

Awaken Your Inner Healer. spYou may have read about this in Secrets of Meditation, which details my journey OUT of the abyss. But I stayed in that dark, empty space a very long time until I learned to awaken my Inner Healer. I had been searching for answers – so much so that I traveled high and low throughout India in search of the guru. And it wasn’t till many months later that I had my aha! moment when I realized that the guru rests within. The answers to every question we could ever ask rest within, sleeping in the stillness and the silence of our heart and soul. Waiting to be awakened!!!

It was a long journey back to wholeness. I prayed and meditated every day. I began a daily practice of self-compassion, self-forgiveness and gratitude. I studied the ancient teachings and apprenticed under several brilliant and compassionate teachers. I began to forgive others I was holding grudges against. I shifted my mindset from “What’s in it for me?” to “How can I help, heal, and serve others.” I connected with my spirit guides, and I dedicated myself to a life of service. And although I rekindled my meditation practice, lightened some of the pain in my heart and found hope that I could be happy again one day, it wasn’t all rainbows and bliss. The road was dark at times; the path was rocky; and I second-guessed myself, stubbed my toe, and questioned so many steps along the way.

I was comforted by the stories of others who had crawled their way out of the depths of despair, and I was encouraged along the way by those in my front row – who rooted for me to pick myself back up. I gained confidence from conversations I had with some of the most successful people on the planet, who shared their journeys through the darkness with me – and I realized I was not alone.

I developed a specific process to keep me moving toward the light, and I stayed faithful to these powerful rituals that awakened my Inner Healer. And day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month, my sadness was replaced by joy, my grievances were replaced by gratitude, my fear was transmuted into courage, and my hopelessness was replaced by faith. I learned to make friends with my emotions – to better understand them, to be able to sit with them, to allow them to unwind and lose their power over my soul.

But this was only possible because my meditation practice quieted my mind and allowed me to hear the true whispers of my heart – the divine voice that rests within.

If you are in a valley right now – do not despair. There is a path that will take you back into the light … back into happiness … back into the stillness of your soul. If you know someone in a valley, pass this on to them and give them a glimmer of light.

As a member of the SweetSpot Community, you have total access to so many free healing tools that are on davidji.com. I encourage you to use them; let them soothe your sweet tender heart, and allow them to inspire you and help you soar again. If you desire some hands-on, in-person guidance in your process, let me help you this May at Awaken Your Inner Healer. There are a few spots left & it would be my joy to heal with you.

pranamasana davidjiIn the meantime, keep meditating!!! Peace. -davidji

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