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Karmic Reflection Weekend Meditation



Photo by Dina Bova Sourced from www.flashuser.net/photos-human-emotions-happiness

Mantra: Sankalpa

Karma is all about witnessing our decisions, observing our choices, and watching what we think, say, and do. When we witness our choices and spend time in the unconditioned aspect of our Being, we make more conscious choices going forward.

That’s why ending our guided meditations with a silent meditation is so powerful – because then we spend time in the unconditioned space between our thoughts where there is no activity…no sound…no music…only the magnificent silence that rests within. And it is in the silence that the seeds of our intentions become nourished, ultimately unfolding new, fresh, empowering shifts in how we express ourselves in the world.

Karma is action. And our actions flow from our thoughts. If our thoughts are coming from the divine, our actions will reflect this. Enjoy this weekend meditation on karmic reflection. Simply use this meditation every day for a week and you will make profoundly better decisions.

Peace. -davidji

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