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It’s Time to be Kinder to Yourself

“When I argue with reality, I lose — but only 100 percent of the time.” –Byron Katie

Hello Spiritual Warrior! And welcome to the 3-year anniversary of The Source! Since January of 2013, I’ve been sending out a weekly newsletter that translates timeless wisdom into modern day practical application so we can experience emotional and physical healing, less stress, greater happiness, expansive love, higher levels of performance, deeper fulfillment, and the self-actualization of your highest expression. And this week — 3 years ago — is when we officially started it all!

It is my heart-felt desire that you are finding value in the weekly article and video; our live, soul-boosting reinforcement each Thursday on Hay House Radio (and replayed every day at a time convenient for you); my free, weekend meditations; my healing immersions and workshops at the Meditation Nest; my Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training; and my two books “Secrets of Meditation” and “destressifying.” This integrated format provides an easy way for you to connect with these transformational teachings depending on what access point most resonates with you in a given moment.

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Living With What Is

This week we explore living with what is. That doesn’t mean settling for a less-than scenario, or accepting mediocre circumstances; Living with what is acknowledges that we don’t run the universe … that something bigger than us is actually calling the shots on a grand scale.

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Living with what is acknowledges that we don’t run the Universe … that something bigger than us is actually calling the shots on a grand scale.

Living with what is allows us to see each moment clearly – more reflectively rather than reflexively – without the emotional charge or baggage we often bring to situations. Living with what is recognizes that the Universe works in mysterious ways. That our challenges can become our teachers if we are willing to embrace them rather than curse them. That we can actually live life with the Universe at our back… supporting our choices… nourishing us through our difficulties rather than feeling that God has dealt us a bad hand.

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Losing a job, your youth, your health, a loved-one, or a potential opportunity can be devastating. We assumed things would stay a certain way forever and then the wind blew and our world turned upside down. Receiving a diagnosis, a break-up letter, or a pink slip can break our heart and create pain that we feel both physically and emotionally. The ripple can last days, weeks, months … even years depending on how attached we were to the thing or person we lost.

We can also become over-whelmed by all of life’s hundreds of smaller “disappointments” – the daily moments where one of our needs isn’t met or one of our expectations isn’t fulfilled.

Welcome to life as a human on planet earth!!! This is part of our existence – just like the sun going down each night as darkness falls. Do we curse the darkness? Or turn on the light? We get to choose every few hours.

We’ve all heard the expression that change is the only constant. We’ve also read Chapter 2; verse 47 in the Bhagavad Gita which says:

We have total control of our own actions; yet no control over the fruit of those actions.

And here we are… spending so much time in the fruit!!! Attaching ourselves to outcomes and trying to intuitively guide the vehicle of life that God is driving!!!! If we instead make a commitment to meditate each day – our world will shift. The daily practice will help you cultivate the ability to live more in the moment – and less in the past or future … to seize the few seconds around each breath and silently witness the magnificent BEing that is you!!!

Join Me This Week!

Try this easy experiment – JUST THIS WEEK make the commitment to accept that this moment is perfect. And the minute you experience an unmet need, a dashed hope, an unfulfilled expectation; or your mind starts drifting into the past to summon a disappointment or leaps into the future to conjure up what’s supposed to happen– take a long slow deep breath in and feel the Universe’s magnificence pour into you. Then whisper (or say out loud) “Aham brahmasmi. I am the Universe!!” There will be tens of thousands of us connecting in spirit!!

In the next verse of the Bhagavad Gita, where Krishna continues blowing Arjuna’s mind, he says, “Yogastha kuru karmani” or establish yourself in the present moment and then perform action. Essentially, get still before you move. We see it during penalty kicks in soccer, in live performers on stage, and in so many other expressions in our life from our own breathing, to the flow of the waves – pausing … then crashing. If we acknowledge that this moment is perfect and getting still is essential to before you respond to life’s rollercoaster, this could be the most amazing week of your life!!!

As we cultivate our daily meditation practice, we will organically begin the process of living with what is. You will master it and your life will soar! I know this to be true. In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap!

Peace. -d

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