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March Week 1 – Own Your Impact


“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” – davidji

Welcome to March!

This month we explore practical, easy ways to empower, inspire, and elevate our lives.

To begin this magnificent journey, we start by owning our impact. And what does that mean? It means – first, accepting where we are in this sacred, precious moment and celebrating that this moment is pure, whole, and perfect…and that every moment leading to this moment has been perfect (even if we haven’t necessarily liked everything that has occurred).

Second, once we have accepted that this moment is perfect, we need to accept responsibility…which means the ability to respond creatively to the current moment and all situations that are unfolding around us.

Next, we need to lean in the direction of our dream. We must take this step because without action, all we have are good intentions.

And lastly, we must trust.
Trust in ourselves…
Trust in the universe…
And trust that if we follow our heart, we will be delivered to exactly where we need to be.

Listen to me on Hay House Radio today and on FREE replays for the next few days and stay tuned for Friday’s Weekend Meditation.

These are challenging times for many people. If you know someone who is struggling, then please pass this along – and OWN YOUR IMPACT…the POWER of YOUR ripple!

See you in the GAP!
Peace, davidji


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