City:Algonquin, IL
  Jim McDonell
 width=Name of Practice:  Meditation with Jim
Phone:  630-936-3144
Bio:  I began meditating in 1976 and am certified through the davidji Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training program. I embrace all types of Meditation and I’m very enthusiastic about sharing these ancient teachings in a modern way.
Specialties:  I offer Meditation programs to help you with Sleep, help reduce Stress, help achieve your Goals, remove Limiting Beliefs, find your place in the world through Meditation on the Four Agreements, and of course a series on the Fundamentals and Science of Meditation.
Classes typically include experience with two or three meditation methods, explain fundamentals of meditation and provide experience with a breathing technique.

 width=City: Chicago, IL
Teacher’s Name: Adriana Sanandres
Name of Business: Ashana Life
Bio: My journey began in 2008 when I recognized the impact my hectic life was having on my health. Although I had a clean bill of health from my doctor, I still felt tired, stressed, and depleted of energy. I needed something more, so I  started researching other options to recharge myself. That’s when Reiki entered my life, taking me into an amazing journey to learn how energy management and healing can help us improve our emotional and physical health.
Over the following 11 years along my journey to restore the peace and harmony in my life, I became a Reiki Master, received my teacher meditation certificate, and subsequently became a certified Vibrational Sound Therapy and Access Bars practitioner. Working with these methods made me realize I’ve found my purpose in life, starting my own practice and helping others.
My intention and hope is that after any of my sessions, you’ll walk out the doors feeling hopeful, inspired, and with the energy needed to help you go through the process of releasing emotional baggage.
Specialties: Meditation, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Reiki, Access Bars
Contact Info: 646.645.5892

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