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Healing Vibrations Weekend Meditation

Photo Credit: Old Mister Crow via Compfight cc

Mantra: Yaam haam om

This week’s healing vibrations meditation will help us lighten our heart and awaken our voices. All compassion starts with self-compassion. If we are not rooting for ourselves in every moment, how can we root for others? If you can’t empathize with your own plight, then you are not connected to your own heart.

Over the years we may have lost our self-expression, and constricted our voice from being heard. But now’s the time to start listening to our divine inner voices and empower them by awakening our throat chakra (the fifth chakra or vishuddha), the center of our expression and voice.

Let’s also expand our hearts, the manipura chakra; our love, forgiveness, compassion for ourselves by strengthening this chakra. By strengthening the power of our manipura, we allow our life energy to flow freely so that we can experience the joyful energy that fuels all our intentions and helps us realize our deepest dreams and desires.


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davidji has hand-picked this series of Chakra Amulets and Mantra Amulets that come in gold, silver or pancha dhatu. What is pancha dhatu? In ancient India, Nepal and Tibet sacred objects were cast using the lost wax method from an alloy known as pancha dhatu, or five metals. When combined, these five metals— gold, silver, copper, zinc and tin, are believed to create an alchemy infused with healing and protective powers.

blessed by a Nepalese holy woman known as Mata. These amulets are imbued with the power inherent in traditions where there is no separation between pure spirituality and the act of creation. Through wearing these amulets, that power supports, inspires, and protects us on our own particular paths in life.

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