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Healing Trauma with Meditation – 15 Minute Guided Meditation

Hello Spiritual Warrior, in this 15-minute meditation, you will work through healing trauma by connecting to the BEST VERSION of yourself!

If there’s any universal truth it’s that we can’t undo the past. It happened. Maybe it didn’t happen the way we planned. Maybe we made some poor choices affecting others, maybe someone else made poor choices affecting us.

Studying and practicing a blend of teachings – the Torah as well as the Vedas, Christ consciousness, Islam’s mystical Sufism, Osho’s Taoism, Guru Nanak’s Sikhism, the loving-kindness of Buddha’s compassionate teachings, and the universality of religious science – has helped me work through healing trauma, struggles, and challenges that I have experienced in my life.

It has helped me to move into the present and help others find deeper fulfillment in their lives. It has taught me that I can’t undo the past … I can’t un-ring the bell … I can’t unhurt those I have wounded and they can’t unhurt me.

But I can make different choices in this moment to right my past wrongs, to say now what I couldn’t or didn’t say then, to make amends for past misdeeds, to listen now to what I couldn’t hear then, to add sweetness to the lives of new people in my life in the same way I have brought pain into the lives of those in my past, to bring closure to the past in my heart and in my mind even when I am unable to do it in this physical world, and to take responsibility for my feelings, my interpretations, and my dreams.

healing traumaThis week, begin your daily meditation by asking yourself these powerful and profound questions:

  • Do I have pain lingering from the past? 
  • Can I accept what happened?
  • Can I forgive those who were involved, including myself? 
  • Do I believe healing trauma is possible? 
  • What do I want in the present moment?
  • What can I release that no longer serves me? 
  • Am I ready to step into a new beginning

Meditation has helped me find the answers to these questions, and open my heart wider than ever before, cleansing it, purifying it of that blackness . . . lightening the load . . . a little less pain and a little more clarity.

As I have peeled away the conditioned layers of my life, new thoughts have emerged, expanded aspects of my self have awakened, and I have connected to my soul. I have cried. I have laughed. I have tapped into the collective. I have experienced the infinite one-ness of the universe, and fallen in love again—with myself, with everyone, with life.

Now, the blackness is gone. And it can be this way for you, too.

This week, reconnect with your heart, which may have been closed for many years. Meditation will help awaken you to long-hidden forgiveness and help you make long-overdue amends with some of the deepest wounds of your past – things you’ve done and not done that you’ve regretted, ways of thinking and living that has not served others, relationships that have gone under-nourished or become painful, paths you’ve walked that had turned into dark rabbit holes, and sweet people with tender hearts along the way whom you may have hurt.

This week, explore your most important relationship – the one you have with your true Self – your highest self – your best version. You will start to find surrender, and embrace detachment, forgiveness and begin the process of healing trauma by making peace with your past.

Let’s start with this meditation, and be sure to check out the associated video lesson here. 

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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