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Getting Lighter Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend, spiritual warrior! Join me this weekend in getting lighter.

This week we’ve been exploring several scientific studies that I outline in my book “destressifying.” You can watch my most recent video on the subject here.

Researchers have shown that a regular meditation practice actually changes the physical structure of our brains by shrinking that part  responsible for fear, anger and anxiety. This weekend’s meditation is your first step toward shrinking your amygdala!!!

So, together, let’s get a little lighter and let go of that which does not serve us. Instead, let’s gain clarity, and increase our trust and compassion. I’ll see you in the gap.

Peace. -davidji

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3 thoughts on “Getting Lighter Weekend Meditation”

  1. Thank you so much for this great meditation Davidji! I really practice it every day for 15 days now and I already feel a little change! I am highly motivated in continuing the practice every day (every morning before I get up!) and to create a new healthy habit with this meditation! Thank you also for your life tools videos! I do so much appreciate your work and it helps me so much to improve my life and lifestyle! Namaste!

  2. hi davidji, it’s difficult to express how grateful I am so i just say . . . 😊 thank you davidji

  3. Thank you davidji for your inimitable style and invaluable encouragement. Oh…and the education too. ? Namaste

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