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Fire of Emotional Freedom Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior!!!

This weekend let’s return to our most divine, infinite state — stoke the fire of emotional freedom. Allow yourself to surrender to the fire of transformation — let go of what no longer serves you — and invite your true self to shine through. Forgive and love yourself with this meditation. Let’s ignite the emotional fire together, Warriors!

Mantra: Om Agni Moksha

12 thoughts on “Fire of Emotional Freedom Weekend Meditation”

  1. Always amazes me how the weekend meditations are exactly what I need at a particularly moment. The universe is really perfect. Thank you Davidji ❤️

  2. Thank you Davidji such an appropriate meditation using it this week for RAW 🕉Namaste my friend 🙏❤️

  3. This powerful meditation was a perfect follow-on to a very powerful emotional healing meditation I did last night. I am grateful for you and all the other mentors God is bringing into my life right night to enable me to fulfill the Shalom that I have been praying for years. Namaste.

  4. Thank you Davidji! This meditation has really helped me. I have discovered you and your work relatively recently and I am so glad I did! Despite years of spiritual work of various types I’ve had a block around meditation. Now thanks to your help and influence I am managing to dissolve that block and find my way back to meditation again. Thank God for that! Namaste and see you in the gap! ❤️❤️☮🕉🙂

  5. ~David ji~meditations seems to just flow from your heart. This must be what you were sent here to do. You have mastered your craft and are teacher of the universe. Much love. Julie Stahl

  6. Thank you thank you thank you Davidji! My eyes are watery with happiness and peace that you shared it’s beautiful thank you thank you thank you…

  7. This Mantra just flowed through effortlessly and a very deep sense of peace came over me. My personal favorite Meditation so far. Thank you for each and every Meditation. Quite a gift! Teresa.

  8. Before listening to this weekend’s meditation, I was feeling fragmented.
    I now feel grounded and very peaceful. How do you thank someone for helping to bring you back to wholeness?
    With abundant love and Blessings,

  9. Thank you Davidji, for this weekend’s meditation and all the beautiful gifts you offer.

  10. Thanks again Davidji for another wonderful meditation! Love and light to you and Peaches!

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