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March Week 3 – Finding Time for Meditation


Where has the time gone?

So many people say they don’t have time to meditate . But each of us begins each day with 24 hours to fill with what we choose.

We wake up in the morning with sleep in our eyes and that is as close as we get to our awareness of the stillness and silence that rests within. As the seconds unfold, each subsequent moment is a little faster than the moment before. As our physical body begins to move, the fluctuations of our mind accelerate…and before you know it, the daily jumble of routines, rituals, regular activities, conditioned behaviors, commitments, intentions, and desires takes over. Couple that with all the unknown, un-planned, and unexpected uncertainties that unfold with every text, email, phone call, conversation and action and … before you know it… you have no time!!

But that’s a myth. It’s simply not true.

Everyone gets a 24-hour countdown from the moment we open our eyes until we do it again the next morning. So if we can ritualize our morning meditation practice, we will lock it in and every thought, word, and deed will carry just a bit more stillness and silence as it enters the world.

The technique that I have taught people for years is RPM. Rise. Pee. Meditate.

It sounds simple. Yet that simple ritual has allowed me and hundreds of thousands of meditators to never miss our morning meditation. EVER!

Here’s how it works. Each of us begins our day looking at the clock. Then we flow into 8 to 15 morning ablution rituals – and we do them all in the same order…the same way…every day. We pee, poop, shower, brush our teeth, cook food, make a liquid, watch TV, read a newspaper, check emails, visit our favorite online site, walk the dog, prepare our children for the day, have sex, do our hair, put on makeup, and get dressed. Our Monday through Friday ritual usually differs from our weekend ritual. But simply having the awareness of the flow of our morning ablution ritual will jumpstart this process.

So close your eyes right now and walk yourself through your typical morning ritual and become aware of how your day flows. Pretty cool right?

Now if you can push RPM to the very front of your morning ritual train, within 35 minutes of you opening your eyes, you will have a solid half hour of stillness and silence that will greet every moment throughout your day.

If you want to start with five minutes of silent meditation, start there, and build on that – adding one more minute each week. Within a few weeks, you will have integrated this sweet practice into your morning flow. After 40 days, it will be a part of you. Your sleep will be more restful. You’ll find you have so much more time in the morning. And your days will unfold with greater grace and greater ease. As the Sufi poet Rumi said, “What nine nourishing months in the womb does for a fetus, 40 early mornings does for your spiritual practice.”

I invite you to join me every morning and the millions throughout the world who start their day with meditation. We get to choose what fills each moment. Isn’t it magnificent that we get to spend it together each morning in the gap?

Try RPM for a week and email me with your feedback. Peace. -davidji




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