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Empower Your Essence: 21-Minute Guided Meditation for Awakening Your Best Version

Empower Your Essence: Awakening Your Best Version


Before settling in for this meditation, remember that Comfort is Queen, and so I invite you to feather your nest and settle into the sacred space of your heart.

We begin this meditation with a few sacred questions before setting an intention – planting a seed into the fertile soil of our heart.

We have total control over our outlook, and no control over our outcome. So we have a responsibility to plant the seeds, and then release them out into the universe.

You are a human being, so in this moment, just be. Know that you are whole, perfect and pure just as you are.

Let’s bring our attention to our throat chakra – the Vissudha chakra – our permission center. It’s vibration is ham.

We will use the mantra om ham ritam – this mantra will open up a space for you to step into your power and awaken your best version as we flow with the rhythm of the universe into this meditation.

Remember that you are the universe – Aham Brahmasmi, Baby!

Namaste – davidji

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our best version photoNamaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess

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