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Drishti Candle Meditation

To quote the bard Rod Stewart: “Every picture tells a story?”

And our mind is filled with millions of pictures – sweet interpretations of every moment we have breathed life. Some of those pictures exist only in our head; others are snapshots we’ve taken with our mind’s eye. But our universal vision is the guide that leads us from one moment to the next.

When we can wipe the canvas clean, and start again, the result is infinite possibilities…pure potentiality…the ability to co-create the next moment with a word, a thought, and action that perhaps never existed before.

So much of what sparks us to take action comes from the realm of conditioning and it doesn’t leave us much room to break the chains of habit – especially when they are non-nourishing behaviors. But when we can connect to the stillness and silence that rests within, the universe gifts us a sliver of time/space to step into the unknown, the uncertain, the fresh, the new…the magnificent.

Please enjoy this visual meditation to help you wipe the slate clean and begin anew. You need do nothing but gaze and allow your mind to be bathed in stillness. When you step into the next moment, you will be pleasantly surprised at how amazing your next breath feels, your next thought resonates, your next word vibrates, and your next action gracefully unfolds.

You may need to refresh

Here are some inspiring words by Luscious Jackson to awaken your inner vision.

“Naked Eye”

wearing nothing is divine
naked is a state of mind
i take things off to clear my head
to say the things i haven’t said
i live inside the elements
the earth and sky are my best friends
water is the evidence
that washes me from end to end

with my naked eye
i saw all the falling rain
coming down on me
with my naked eye
i saw all if i said it all
i could see

it’s not a choice i tried to make
it’s not a thought i couldn’t take
something told me it was time
to give you yours and leave me mine
my vision started to be clear
i watched the sunlight coming near
i knew the day i knew the night
i knew i could regain my sight
and it feels alright

last night i came into your home
to break some ice and throw some stones
i asked if we could be alone
i had some troubles of my own
knew i had to say goodbye
to all the old things held inside
if i let the moment fly
i knew they’d all be magnified

and it feels alright

came around after dark
you are nothing but a lark
know i snuck in like a narc
i knew i had to leave my mark
wanted to be satisfied
i tried to be dignified
wearing nothing is divine
naked is a state of mind

and it feels alright

it feels alright

Enjoy your weekend! Peace – davidji

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