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Dissolving the Illusion that Separates Us Guided Meditation

Why do we assume most of the time? Usually it’s because we are afraid to ask the “stupid” question. And yet that’s the answer that would allow the moment to flow more easily.

Why do we assume? To fulfill our need to know and to replace the need to communicate. But communication is the thing that would move us closer to a shared truth. But we are shy, or ashamed or fearful of being perceived as not knowing the answer… we don’t have the courage in the moment, so we assume…and go deeper into our personal dream – reinforcing beliefs that have no foundation other than an assumption. The answer can be yes or no – but if you don’t ask, you have not exercised your own power in the situation.

This week, we have the opportunity to assume less, ask more, guess less, know more. And in that process, we will peel away some of the maya, the mitote, the illusion that separates us from each other and from ourselves.

We will gain clarity. Our hearts will open a bit more. We will connect at a deeper level to everyone and everything in our life. We will find ourselves being more impeccable with our words and actions. And, most importantly, we will connect to ourselves, awakening our own divine light.

Through this step and the practice of sitting in stillness and silence with the universal flow, what is unknown will become the known. When you find yourself assuming (making up what’s in someone else’s head), remind your self “Even what I assume is only a fraction of the truth – the real story. Let me ask… and find out more so I can fill in some of the missing pieces.”

Practice asking yourself: “What am I not seeing?” And ask away. The universe will unfold with love and your life will continue to unfold with grace and ease.

Enjoy this week’s meditation. Peace. -davidji

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