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Journey to Infinity

“To feel the love of people whom we love is a fire that feeds our life.”
― Pablo Neruda

Hello Spiritual Warriors!!! And welcome to another opportunity to explore & share the timeless teachings of – Ayurveda – pronounced eye – yur – vey-dah.

Ayurveda is known as the oldest healing system on the planet. And, because of its universality, we can connect to this timeless wisdom in every moment. Literally, the “wisdom of life,” these ancient teachings offer us a way to heal emotionally & physically. That’s why I co-created my newest CD Journey to Infinity with the world-renowned sound healers Dean Richards & Mj Vermette, known as SacredFire.

CLICK IMAGE to watch the Journey to Infinity video NOW!
CLICK IMAGE to watch the Journey to Infinity video NOW!

According to Ayurveda, everything that flows within us and everything that flows outside of us is comprised of five master elements – space (akasha), air (vayu – pronounced v-eye-you), fire (tejas – pronounced tay -jas), water (jala), and earth (prithivi). In Sanskrit, these elements are known as the “pancha (five) maha (master) bhutas (elements).

Ayurveda considers these five elements the building blocks of life and teaches us that everything in existence is a blend of these five master elements. So that means every person, every animal, every corner of the planet, every aspect of your daily life… has space, air, fire, water & earth inherent in its make-up.

Each element has a particular characteristic inherent in its make-up. Space is infinite…flowing pure potentiality in every moment. Air is constantly changing…flowing movement into us and our environment. Fire is transformative…metabolizing every thought, word, & action. Water is protective…nourishing us in each moment. And Earth is structure…providing stability & groundedness. This intermingling of all five elements determines the energetic flow in every moment…in every conversation…in every interaction…in every interpretation & in every expression. Some moments carry more space, while others are fiery, and others are earthy. By being mindful in each moment – of what we have too much of and what we don’t have enough of – we can make more conscious choices and bring in what we lack while releasing what is in the extreme. Let’s say you are procrastinating or you’re stuck on the couch. That would mean we have too much earth. Or perhaps, you were harsh with a loved one or co-worker. Then you would have too much fire.

These are powerful awareness tools. We can invigorate ourselves with movement when we have too much earth – getting us to move past procrastination. We can nourish ourselves with water when we have too much fire – helping us to be more patient, more compassionate, and choosing our words more wisely.

Cultivating a daily meditation practice can help bring you into balance by heightening your awareness and giving you a greater understanding of where you are too much or not enough.

If balancing yourself through the elements resonates with you, then join me in November on the sweet warm beaches of the Mayan Riviera – on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. For 7 days, we will explore the elements, heal our selves through this timeless wisdom, meditate, practice yoga, commune with nature, and explore the five realms of existence together.

SacredFire will be performing throughout the week – and if you’ve ever wanted to fully immerse in something deeply and truly transform your life, then spend these seven days with me. We will rise with the sun, meditate together, swim in the warm sweet, salty sea, dine on fresh, delicious local delicacies, walk the labyrinth, receive powerful healing massages, and connect with likeminded fellow explorers from around the world.

Register Now!
Register Now!

Attendance is limited – and our days will be a seamless fusion of daily sessions with me, group activities, sound healings with SacredFire, private reflection, and free time to take excursions, connect with the Mayan gods in the Temazcal, or play on the beach. Come alone and make new friends or bring your significant other to share in your transformation. Everything is included except your travel and payment plans are available if that makes it more do-able.

We specifically selected November 22-29 so that we can celebrate thanksgiving together in a loving, supportive environment. And we have taken over the magnificent beachfront resort for the week so we will have the most nourishing experience. If you have any questions in deciding to come, email me personally at info@davidji.com. Remember, we transform the world by transforming ourselves.

In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap. Peace. -d

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