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Dharma is TRUTH

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” – Pema Chordron

Dharma is TRUTH
In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, he refers to the first branch of yoga as the yamas – codes of behavior for interacting with the world. The second yama is satya or truth. Truth, like love, is one of those concepts that has thousands of meanings. Among the myriad definitions, most commonly we talk about “our truth”, something being “true” or not, or the “universal truth”.

Determining if something is true or not can be challenging since most of what we know and learn, we hear from someone else or read. And we must take some kind of leap of faith determining whether or not it resonates with us. If it aligns with our belief system, we are more likely to accept it as true – if it is contrary to our core beliefs, then we most likely will challenge it in some way.

Those deep core beliefs we have are essentially our truth. We live them. We speak them. Our behaviors reflect them. That’s why we can feel out of integrity or inauthentic when we are saying or doing something we don’t really believe deep in our heart.

When we meditate, we quiet ourselves down so we can hear the whispers of God, the universe, the divine creator or whomever we believe is our higher power. The simple act of BEing rather than DOing helps us connect to the present moment, which is a state of absolute one-ness. It is in this state, we are pure, and whole, and perfect, and truly connected to our most genuine self. There is no ego to satisfy or other people to please – we are one with the universe and none of the stains or impressions of the past and none of the fear or fantasies of the future are influencing us. That could be said to be a state of pure truth – where we are beyond the teachings…beyond the teachers…beyond all the issues that consume our thoughts, words, and actions.

It is from this space – stillness & silence – where all the seeds we’ve planted can take root in the fertile soil of our heart and soul. This is truly the infinite garden of manifestation. But so often, what we truly desire doesn’t unfold as we expected or anticipated. That’s because our truth wasn’t necessarily aligned with the universal truth – we were not in our dharma!

We can be in the right space at the right time – but not be in the right frame of mind. Or we can be in the right frame of mind – but we haven’t placed our self in the right space or our timing was off. The more we meditate, the more we align with the rhythm of the universe – allowing time and space to merge into the right moment. But in order for our dreams and desires to unfold with grace and ease, we must also be aligned with what the universe wants. Dharma is that alignment…that merging.

When what you want is what the universe wants – woooosh! – spontaneous right action awakens from within us – we are brilliantly channeling the universe.

So how do we figure out what the universe wants? We become vulnerable…we open our heart…we meditate…we find our voice & the courage to share it; we lead with love; and day by day, life becomes more satisfying; hours are filled with gratitude; moments seem to last forever; and our dreams unfold into our reality.

Dharma is that sweet alignment between your soul and the universal spirit. Once you experience that TRUTH, your passion will fuel you to awaken your purpose. Join me today on Hay House Radio & we’ll explore aligning your soul with the soul of the universe. And if you’d like to awaken your dharma in person, then join me on the beach in April at the dharma life-change immersion in the sweetspot of the universe.

In the meantime…keep meditating and let the truth unfold!!! I’ll see you ion the gap. Peace. -davidji


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