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Pure Bliss & Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation

In this week’s meditation we will surrender to pure bliss and deep relaxation.

We all have busy lives, and sometimes, the stress can begin to take a toll on our mind, body, and spirits. When we begin to feel depleted, overworked, under-appreciated, this is a clear sign that we could use time for stillness and silence. Meditation is the antidote to your stress! And with this deep relaxation meditation, you life will be enriched with the stillness and silence that you have been craving.  Soon enough you will be more grounded, centered, and ready to show up as your best version.

We will use the sacred practice called “Mindful Flow” where we will witness the movement of our breath as we inhale and exhale. When we place out attention on our breath, we have direct access to our mind-body connection. The more mindful you can make your breaths, the more you can receive the profound healing benefits from meditation. When we come from a place of deep relaxation we are not only able to show up to our friends and families as better versions of ourselves, but we are also able to improve our physical health. Meditation has been proven to reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone), ease pain, slow down the aging process, and support new neural pathways being formed in your brain. You can learn more about the scientifically proven benefits of meditation here.
Meditation is for anyone and everyone, and if you say you have no time to meditate, that most likely means that you could benefit the most from a daily practice.
We can now meditate together on Youtube! Woohoo!!!  Through a daily meditation ritual we become better versions of ourselves. Let’s stay connected during this process. Remember to like, comment, subscribe and share! I love to hear from you!

8 thoughts on “Pure Bliss & Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation”

  1. Thank you David. Your style is so easy and comfortable. You never disappoint. I’ve been following your meditation practices for years.

  2. Thanks for all these soothing moments. I really feel in tune with your recordings. Peaceful mind, peaceful feelings … thanks again.
    All the best for all of you from France.

  3. So appreciate your sharing of a beautiful relaxing meditation. Perfect timing for my day (and hopefully many others too!)

  4. Thanks for that. It was amazing. I use your meditations to put me to sleep every night, and I am grateful for that too Since doing so, I have been able to completely eliminate Sleep prescriptions.

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