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Cultivating Your Spiritual Practice

“Sadhana is a personal process in which you bring out your best.” ~Yogi Bhajan

 Welcome to Wednesday Spiritual Warriors!!

Today we immerse into the practice of sadhana (pronounced SAAD – anah) an ego-transcending spiritual practice that literally translates into “a means of accomplishing something.”

Each morning we wake up and look at the clock, then we pee, poop, shower, shave, brush our teeth, style our hair, dress, prepare breakfast, boil water for coffee or tea, walk and feed our pets and kids, get online, check our emails, maybe watch TV or read something. These are called our morning ablution rituals.

Then there are our personal practices – the morning behaviors that we perform to develop our body, our mind, and our soul. Some of us walk, run, dance, or workout; others perform heart-opening routines, meditate, or practice Pilates or yoga. These are the vital rituals that help us prepare ourselves for the day and fuel personal growth, yet sometimes they take a backseat to rushing out into the world and doing our thing.

Sadhana is that sweet morning process where we can surrender to the divine, open our hearts, become the silent witness, and listen to the whispers of the universe. And the yogic sage Patanjali laid out the roadmap more than 2000 years ago when he presented the eight limbs of yoga to the world in the Yoga Sutras. And you can select a few of those limbs each day and weave them into your morning ablution rituals.

By integrating ahimsa (non-violence: opening your heart), pranayama (spending some time breathing), asana (sun salutations or a yoga class), and dhyana (meditation) into your morning flow of activities, you will not only cultivate your spiritual practice – but now when you head out into the world…every thought, word, and action you take carries a bit more grace, stillness, creativity, intuition, balance, and expansion.

Each of these practices connect you more deeply to your soul, to source, to the silent witness that rests within. And as you continue to string together two days, then a week, then two weeks, you will see your life unfold with more divine purpose and magnificence.

Join me today on HayHouseRadio and we’ll take it deeper!

Peace. -davidji


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