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There is a crack in everything… That’s how the light gets in.

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source in which we reflect on embracing the wholeness of life, beginning with reflection on a line from Leonard Cohen’s “Anthem“: There is a crack in everything… That’s how the light gets in.

Our lives are full of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, fear and courage. This process of back and forth, not just mindlessly living it but actually embracing it, is actually what many of us often believe we are lacking in ourselves — perfection! But what is perfection, really?

Perfection is progress. Perfection is evolution! Perfection is us embracing the wholeness of life. Many of us carry a heavy burden to be perfect in all aspects of our lives; to always do the right thing, make the right choice, use the right words, move in the right direction.

But, perfection really isn’t the ultimate goal. Sometimes when we focus too much on the end result, we lose sight of the magnificent process of growth… of progress… continually moving in the direction of our goals while staying mindful of the steps we’re taking to get there.

It can be overwhelming, however, to embrace life when you’re struggling. That’s when you lean on your meditation practice to get you through, give you clarity, and help you move through difficult times with greater ease and grace.

Forty Spiritual Warriors are joining me this weekend for my 8-day meditation retreat in the Mexican Riviera. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram so you can follow our adventures. Some attendees are die-hard meditators spending an hour+ a day in stillness and silence; some have made a commitment to themselves to reboot their meditation practice and get back on track; and others have never meditated a minute in their lives!!!

That’s the beauty of our Sweetspot Community; there are no judgements, no expectations, no pressure. Only pure love, acceptance and a sincere rooting for each other’s success, happiness and peace of mind.

I encourage you to share my free guided meditations, instructional videos Life Tools, and my e-newsletter The Source with your family and friends.

Send me a note at info@davidji.com with the email address of a friend or family member who you believe could use some stress relief, and I’ll send you and them a special, free guided meditation.

Remember to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for daily inspiration and to keep up on the latest at davidji.com. Keep meditating… and I’ll see you in the gap. Peace. -davidji

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